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  2. If your bylaws have no clause on amending the bylaws in the bylaws, you would need a two thirds vote, with previous notice or a vote of a majority of the entire membership. Was there a majority of the entire membership at the meeting?
  3. The exact wording of the only rule about changes to the bylaws is as follows: "All suggested changes to the mmc bylaws or Rule and Regulations will be presented to any board member in writing and they will present it to the President and it will be discussed with the board and then brought to the club at the annual meeting in august." This rule was adopted at the annual meeting at the beginning if this month Aug 2017. This rule was adopted first and then a discussion on the proposed new rules began. Prior to that there was NO rule whatsoever regarding the bylaw amendment process. We added this rule this year because we had a single member try to get a whole bunch of changes at a regular monthly meeting that has very low attendence. At that meeting, a different member made a motion to table the changes to the annual meeting. The annual meeting is a requirement for members to attend. We still do not get everyone to attend but we have much better club representation.
  4. Don, again I ask that you quote for us EXACTLY (verbatim, word for word) what the bylaws that were in effect at the time of the meeting say about the amendment process.
  5. No, you can't. Your group will need to amend the bylaws again to make the correction.
  6. Assuming that RONR is your parliamentary authority, you would need a two thirds vote, with previous notice or a vote of a majority of the entire membership. Was the majority of the entire membership present at the meeting? Unanimous consent is not limited to "small items."
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  8. Also to those who indicated that because it appears that the club did approve the vote, even tho no motion or second were made. Can you point me to rules that support this position. It was my undstanding that 2/3 vote is needed to change bylaws. It is Also my understanding that the General Consent is really only met for small items. Thanks Don
  9. I do have an additional problem. If it turns out that I have to apply the new rules, It appears that the wording in some the new bylaw rules are incorrect. These rules state we are bowling league, but in reality we are a traveling tournament club. It really is just a matter of words. Can I simply change the wording.
  10. There are no rules in the old or new bylaws requiring notice. So based on this forums comments, no notice is required. I believe everyone new that the discusion and improper vote was about changing the bylaws. Tomorrow I will listen to the tape of the meeting to makes sure what I have said on this forum is correct.
  11. The chair can require that it be written.
  12. Lannister, what was well over a 2/3 vote? (O, and I agree with the sentiments suggested by Ms. Dinner's questions.)
  13. Why do you want to throw away 65 years of institutional memory? Can't you amend your bylaws to make it easier to elect new officers?
  14. Now if the member sends out a letter or email asking the group to approve the motion, the group is free to make its own decision - they could approve the motion (with someone else moving the motion), or vote it down, or do nothing.
  15. Thanks for your reply. Sorry I misinterpreted rule regarding Written motions take priority
  16. Not unless you have s customized rule that permits it. Even if a motion is written for clarity or due to its complexity, it must be moved orally in person. Btw, I don't think RONR says written motions have priority. Can you cite your authority for that statement?
  17. Robert Rules says written motions are take priority than the verbal, my question is can a member send a written motion in mail or through email without present in the meeting? Is it a valid motion? Thanks in advance
  18. The parliamentary step is simply to move to rescind the bylaws, entirely. See p. 563. This motion is, in effect, a (rather drastic, to be sure) amendment to the bylaws and so its introduction and adoption will have to follow whatever rules for bylaw amendment are found in your current bylaws. Give some thought to the disposition of the bank account, if you have one, and any incorporation or tax issues, as well. Once rescinded, you and your 12 or so friends are free to start over again -- see RONR p. 553 for all the right steps to follow. 'Course, you could just walk away from your current association and start a new one, but that might leave you with competing organizations, not as tidy as first dissolving (by rescission) the existing one.
  19. The civic club I belong to is 65 years old. Our current president(1 year left to serve) has "temporarily" relocated 13 hours away. She has not given a solid date to her return or if she even is returning. The Vice President serving in her absence is horrible. We have tried to re elect a new president but have been shot down due to our bylaws(a joke) and RROO sort of fills in the blanks. It was well over a 2/3 vote. At this point we have 12 active members and 7 of us want to disband and sort of start over since we can't get anywhere. I am new to RROO, but I cannot find anything on this. Could anyone advise what to do? Thank you!
  20. Don, your answer is probably going to be found in your bylaws. What EXACTLY do they say about amending the bylaws and notice? Please quote exactly, don't paraphrase.
  21. Did the bylaws (prior to the changes you describe as the "new rules") require advance notice for the consideration of bylaw amendments?
  22. But Don, do your club's rules for amending the bylaws require previous notice? If not, then no advance notice was required, yes? But if so, then the requirement for previous notice was violated, and probably the adoption of the changes is null and void. So Don, did they?
  23. There was no advance notice of the changes until he passed out the proposed new rules package for discussion.
  24. Thanks, I missed that. Unless there is some problem with notice, these were properly adopted.
  25. This was the annual meeting according to the original post.
  26. I am assuming that this was not the annual meeting. Was this rule put in the bylaws? Is it just a motion. There could be some problems related to absentee rights, but, as Guest said, motions are not needed. The chair assumed the motion.
  27. If everyone present clearly understood that the question was on approving the package of bylaw changes, and you followed all your other rules, then I would say the changes were adopted. The secretary does not have power to annul an act of the assembly.
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