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  2. I will assume (1) this is a board of directors which elects its own officers following the annual meeting and (2) the "executive meeting" is a meeting of those officers. Can they have an executive meeting when the election is yet to be held? Yes, if the bylaws say that officers continue until their successors are elected. If the bylaws provide only a fixed term of office, and that time has expired, there are presently no officers and a meeting cannot be held.
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    As you might expect, there is nothing in RONR which will tell you how to solve a problem of this nature. It seems to me that your members should be advised (in as many ways and as often as possible) of this omission, and instructed that they may vote for the nominee whose name was omitted by writing it in as one of the four nominees that they wish to vote for. The sooner the better. Reading your bylaws in their entirety may suggest some other solution, but maybe not.
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    b. The nominating committee shall select two (2) nominees for each opening on the board. Voting shall be by written ballot. Ballot forms shall be provided to the members at least thirty (30) prior to the annual meeting and must be completed and submitted to the general manager at least 24 hours prior to the annual meeting. A ballot shall not be counted unless it contains votes for a different candidate for each seat to be filled.
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    Nominations are due 45 days before meeting. No nominations from the floor. We have a slate of 8--but the official ballot omits 1 name and has already been sent out within the 30 day deadline.
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    First question: In what way do the bylaws require two nominations for each position? Please quote the precise bylaw language. Second question: how is the voting conducted? Do the members vote in person at the annual meeting? Do they vote by mail? A combination of in-person voting and mail ballots?
  8. I don't understand enough about what's going on to be able to comment intelligently. Guest Kristen, would you please provide us with more information?
  9. If I understand correctly, the AGM elected a board, and the board was supposed to meet immediately afterwards (organizational meeting) to elect officers from among its own number, but failed to do so. It seems to me they should do so as soon as practicable.
  10. The facts are not clear to me. Who is having these meetings? What do you mean by assigned positions?
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    Do your bylaws prohibit write in votes? What about nominations from the floor?
  12. Why were these people elected if they will not even attend a meeting? If they did not want to do the job they should never have accepted election!
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  14. Have you adopted a set of bylaws?
  15. We had an Annual Meeting on June 14, 2017. We never had an Organizational Meeting immediately following per our By-Laws. Our positions were never assigned and none of the other members would agree to have this meeting. The Treasurer said she could continue acting as this since it was previously assigned, so she has been the only person conducting business. She also wouldn't provide any documentation that the new directors have requested many times. Our next meeting is scheduled for August 9th. They want to have an executive meeting prior to the open meeting to vote on a legal issue. Can we do this without having assigned positions/titles ?
  16. My country club bylaws state they follow Roberts' Rules. We are electing 4 new directors August, 20th and the bylaws require two candidates for each vacancy, with the top 4 vote getters being elected. Bylaws further require ballots be sent to around 285 members at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting and election. Ballots were mailed on time, but one of the candidates names was accidentally omitted from the ballot--so we have 7 names, not the 8 the bylaws require. How should this debacle be handled? Write in votes are not allowed and voters must vote for 4 candidates or their ballot is disqualified. Moving the annual meeting is not an option. Could the board mail out corrected ballots with all 8 names and call a special meeting that meets the 30 day requirement to count the votes and elect the new board members?
  17. Or all the small dog clubs take the summer off...
  18. I've just been assuming all questions have been answered.
  19. Is the forum down? Apparently not, because my post did post.
  20. Is there a problem with the forum? No posts for a day and a half is awfully unusual! So . . . I guess this is a test. Testing 1, 2, 3. Will this post? We shall soon know!
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  22. I just realized that although the most recent post was made this morning, this thread was actually started March 12 by mjhmjh. However, the statement above about regular meetings needing to be scheduled by resolution concerns me enough that I want to comment on it. I hope there is some other way to schedule regular meetings and I hope there is a way to call special meetings. If not, this organization may find itself without any means of scheduling a regular meeting if, for example, it adjourns a regular meeting without having set the date for the next meeting or if a meeting is canceled due to bad weather. Perhaps the board has the authority to schedule meetings of the membership. mjhmjh, if you are still around, I would appreciate it if you would try to clear this up.
  23. I'm also thinking the same. You hit the nail on the subject IMHO.
  24. The minutes already belong to the assembly; there is no need to adopt them as the assembly's own.
  25. Fair point. Is there a difference?
  26. You could include a clause in the motion which says that "this property shall not be sold in less than five years except by a two-thirds (or 3/4 or whatever) vote of the members with previous notice having been given". However, even that provision does not guarantee that it will work, as it may itself be amended or be subject to a suspension of the rules to permit an earlier sale to take place. A properly worded Amendment to the bylaws which prohibits its own suspension or amendment would give you the most protection, but keep in mind the law of unintended consequences and the fact that situations change. Do you really want to be absolutely positively locked in to such a provision?
  27. Actually, RONR says that the minutes should be "approved", not "adopted" or "accepted". I don't believe there is a single reference in RONR about "adopting" minutes.
  28. Just to be clear no one can rescind a motion. It takes a vote of the assembly. So the way to stop it (or at least try to stop it) is to vote against the motion to rescind.
  29. You could put it in the bylaws, but the bylaws still could be amended. Ultimately, you can't really set things beyond the reach of the organization.
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