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  1. Perhaps there could be a new administrator.
  2. Ultimately it is up to your organization to interpret your rules.
  3. Perhaps the In Brief book may be of use.
  4. Perhaps it may have helped if the contents of an email were not included in the minutes.
  5. Questions regarding statutes are beyond the scope of this forum.
  6. I would think that the person who is the secretary would perform the duties of the secretary, while the person who is no longer the secretary would no longer perform those duties.
  7. The membership could have authorized the board to approve the minutes of the membership meetings. The membership could still make corrections to the approved minutes.
  8. RONR does not address this matter.
  9. Yes, unless your bylaws say otherwise.
  10. In RONR, committees are not required to keep minutes. Your rules or applicable law may say otherwise.
  11. Do your bylaws say anything about urgent business?
  12. The bylaws could be amended only by following the procedures in the bylaws for their amendment.
  13. How does elimination reduces the number of candidates to less that the number of positions available?