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  1. A resignation that has been acted upon cannot be rescinded. It's not clear to me whether this resignation has been acted upon.
  2. A defeated motion could be renewed at the next meeting. Where does it say that the vote required a majority of the full board?
  3. The resignation would have to be accepted by the assembly unless your bylaws provide otherwise. Also see FAQ #18.
  4. What is this practice?
  5. I would agree with your belief. Any "virtual" meetings must be provided for in your bylaws for them to be valid.
  6. Multiple announcements of upcoming events should not be part of the meeting minutes.
  7. The council could still revise its meeting minutes.
  8. Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements in your bylaws could be elected.
  9. No.
  10. How about voting against a motion to kill it?
  11. Where does it say that?
  12. Do the bylaws provide that the officers serve "until their successors are elected"?
  13. Perhaps get a pastor who will attend the committee meetings.