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  1. The discussion has been helpful. If the bylaws are interpreted so that nomination by the Board Development Committee is deemed a qualification for the office of Trustee, however, it seems that the Board Development Committee would then have absolute veto power over all prospective candidates. That would make the election of Trustees by the full membership a mere charade, because only the Board Development Committee's "selection" can be on the ballot, and even a write-in vote can only be cast for an "eligible" candidate (RONR p.430 line 14).
  2. Thanks much to all for your help; that seems pretty clear. One more question, currently hypothetical, but very possible in the current situation. If the written Notice of Annual Meeting warns - inappropriately, if I understand correctly - that nominations from the floor will not be accepted, does that statement need to be challenged in writing BEFORE the annual meeting in order to be considered a timely challenge? Or can a member wait until an actual nomination from the floor is actually ruled out of order at the meeting, then state his point of order and/or appeal? The chair is already aware that not everyone agrees with her position on suppressing nominations from the floor.
  3. The relevant portion of the bylaws reads: "Candidates for Board membership shall be nominated by the Board Development Committee. Each Trustee shall be elected by the majority vote of those members present at the Annual Meeting at which the candidate is presented." There are no qualifications for Trustee other than being a member of the organization. Two questions: 1. Is it proper for the chair to state at the Annual Meeting or Notice of Meeting that there will be no additional nominations from the floor? 2. Is it proper for the chair to allow a vote only on the "slate" of nominations by Board Development Committee, rather than the individual nominees? (The "slate" consists of one nominee of the Board Development Committee per open position.) If either of these actions is improper, what is the appropriate recourse by the membership at the Annual Meeting? (Note that, if additional nominations from the floor are allowed, there will be more nominees than open positions on the Board of Trustees.)
  4. Some say yes, because the bylaws specify that nominations to the board of trustees are made by a Nominating Committee. Others say no, because after the Nominating Committee gives its report to the general membership, the Chair is supposed to call for further nominations from the floor prior to the vote. (RONR 11th ed. p. 435, ll 10-25). The bylaws do cite Robert's Rules as the governing parliamentary authority. The question is complicated by the fact the right to nominate, like the right to speak in debate, is considered a basic right of every member that can curtailed only by disciplinary proceedings (RONR 11th ed. p.264, ll 12-13). If so, it's not clear how a member who wishes to add to the Nominating Committee's nominations can be prevented from doing so. Any thoughts from the experts?