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  1. Please respond in Layman's Terms thanks Bob
  2. Our American Legion is headed by an Elected Commander and by and Executive Board. We also have a Board of Trustees that are responsible for the Real Estate. Six Members are elected as Trustees to 6 year terms and the Commander by virtue of his position is also the 7th member of the Trustee Board. Question, Does the Commander have a full vote? Several years ago this same question came up and this Forum stated that Commander does have a full vote as opposed to a tie breaking vote. We had in the past a case, where a Trustee serving a 6 year term was elected as Commander and by rules had to vacate his trustee position. Another member "A", was elected to fulfill the remaining 3 year term. However the elected Commander only served one year as Commander and then went back to his old trustee position for the remaining 2 years that were being served by the member "A". It is my understanding that once an Officer position is vacated, one cannot assume a previous office without being duly elected by the membership. Another issue regarding trustee 6 year terms is that sometimes a position is vacated in the 2nd year of a 6 year term and by special election a member is elected to a 1 year term instead of the remaining 4 year term. Then at the Annual Election the same Trustee's term is voted on as a new 6 year term, Shouldn't the elected trustee be allowed to fulfill the balance of the vacated 4 year term?
  3. Our American Legion recently held the annual election of officers. a 30 day notice is required. Does this notice have to be made by snail mail or can e-mail or newsletter be used in the notification process?