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  1. Meeting location in minutes of teleconference meeting

    The understatement of the year. (Not that anyone else always does everything right, either.)
  2. Meeting location in minutes of teleconference meeting

    I agree. Including the place of the meeting in the minutes doesn't mean you need to include a copy of the key to the meeting room.
  3. Not Voting vs Abstaining

    This thread is getting silly. RONR says, "RIGHT OF ABSTENTION. Although it is the duty of every member who has an opinion on a question to express it by his vote, he can abstain, since he cannot be compelled to vote." (p. 407) Apparently this organization feels that by having a reason for all abstentions recorded in the minutes, it will discourage unnecessary abstentions. Any further speculation about how this rule might be enforced should probably await our receipt of the actual language (which will probably never happen), but I'm fairly confident that having or not having a pet llama is not a valid reason for abstaining in 99.999999999999% of all cases. I also don't think that the secretary should assume that any members abstained because they didn't want to vote. Maybe they wanted to but were just too lazy, or maybe they weren't paying enough attention when the chair put the question. Or maybe they had, you know, an actual reason.
  4. You may have noticed that the forum looks slightly different today. The software has been updated to the latest release. Let's hope that it has some good stuff, or at least no new bad stuff. Feel free to post comments here about any differences or problems that you encounter.
  5. Changing a Vote by Ballot

    Nobody can disagree with that (if they know what's good for them).
  6. Forum software update

    I'm guessing that they took that away because if a post gets deleted, the numbers will no longer be valid. In the meantime, specific posts can be linked to by copying the URL that pops up when you click on the "share" icon. For example:
  7. Forum software update

    We're still working on getting the proper access to tech support, but once that is done I can try following up once more about this issue.
  8. Forum software update

    The setting is called "Someone comments on something I follow." It was only enabled recently, so existing users might still have it disabled. You can access the setting from this screen: http://robertsrules.forumflash.com/notifications/options/ Make to sure to scroll down to see all the options. Also make sure that the "Notify me of replies" option is checked in the individual topics.
  9. Forum software update

    That setting was actually enabled a few days before the forum update. How long has it been working for you?
  10. Forum software update

    In other news: To prevent the original poster from deleting topics that have already been replied to, and to prevent anyone (other than moderators) from editing old posts in a way that will invalidate the conversation or make it incomprehensible: Members can edit content only for 36 hours after posting, and only with an indication that the post has been edited. Members can no longer delete content. (If you really need to delete something that you've posted, either edit out all the content within the time limit, or use the "Report post" link and ask that the post be deleted.) Members who follow a topic should now be able to receive notifications of all replies, not just when their original post has been quoted. Secure sign-in has now been enabled. (When you sign in, it is from an https page rather than a regular http page.) Moderator messages can appear at the top of the topic page (as shown above).
  11. Members Leaving Inc.

    It must be in that part of the ether where the excised portions of drastically edited things (bless their memory) reside.
  12. previous question in order

    Well, the member making the motion for the Previous Question has to have taken the floor to make the motion.
  13. Fix time to which to adjourn

    I agree with this, and with the rest of what Dan wrote [too long to quote it all; I can only imagine what it was like to type it ]. And thank you to Troy for raising the question. And once we're talking about what the rules should be, I don't quite see any use in ever allowing a motion to Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn, or a motion to take an immediate recess, to be non-privileged (although under Robert's Rules they clearly can be, so this is a different level of "should" than what Dan wrote about). The assembly could end up in the absurd situation of having all of these motions pending at the same time: 1) a main motion to Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn 2) a privileged motion to Recess 3) a privileged motion to Adjourn 4) a privileged motion to Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn

    I don't think so. If that's what it meant, it would have said, "If action is taken to carry out action taken on such a basis . . ."
  15. Unentitled vote and status of motion

    Or here's a radical idea: maybe you should change your photo to one of yourself. :-) Actually, I would guess that except in limited circumstances, it's not even legal to use photos of famous people (or copyrighted cartoon characters, for that matter) without some sort of consent from them (or their copyright owners) or their estates.
  16. Unentitled vote and status of motion

    J. J. is no lady. :-)
  17. Executive Director

    Michelle Card, the original poster, quoted the bylaws, which make RONR the adopted parliamentary authority. (Well, sort of; we'll overlook the fact that they say "Meetings of members and meetings of the Board of Directors shall be governed by ..." rather than the wording suggested in RONR.) Richard Brown pointed out that if e-mail voting is to be allowed, it must be provided for in the bylaws, but added: "However, you might have a lifeline: if your organization is incorporated or otherwise subject to state law procedural statues, such as a homeowner association, state law MIGHT permit absentee (or email) voting unless prohibited in the bylaws." To this, Gary Novosielski replied: I think it could be argued that adopting RONR as the parliamentary authority is effectively a prohibition against e-mail voting unless elsewhere permitted in the bylaws. and he later said he was assuming that the adoption of RONR would normally be done in the bylaws. So I took his original comment as an attempt to revoke the "lifeline" that Richard said may exist by statute, and that's why I said this branch of the discussion may not be relevant and couldn't be resolved here. And since in this case the bylaws are where RONR is adopted, the question whether e-mail voting could be authorized by a special rule of order if RONR is adopted apart from the bylaws is also moot. However, that is certainly something more amenable to discussion in the forum than the question about statutes that authorize e-mail voting unless prohibited in the bylaws.
  18. Executive Director

    There's no indication that there is some statute in this case that authorizes the board to allow email voting, so I think this branch of the discussion may not be relevant (and probably couldn't be resolved here even if it were).
  19. Written Features of Motions

    Maybe the extra period is within some quoted text, such as a report for publication, adopted by the assembly, but the error is only in the minutes, not in the original report.
  20. Improper vote and remedy to assembly

    I agree with all of that (hey, I did say "if…”), but I think the playing of the tape is significant to us here on the forum, since it apparently (maybe?) changed the OP's recollection of what really happened. What I wished to emphasize with my earlier response is that nothing can be inferred from a lack of an objection or from the failure of anyone to raise a point of order IF there was no indication that some action was actually taken to begin with.
  21. Improper vote and remedy to assembly

    But if the chair failed to call for a vote, failed to obtain unanimous consent, and failed to announce that anything was adopted or rejected, then what was actually done? I'd say probably nothing, so the fact that no one raised a point of order that nothing was actually done would seem to be inconsequential.
  22. Too many abstentions

    That's an interesting assertion, but wouldn't that also mean that the quorum at a given time (in an assembly subject to such a law) depends on what motion is pending? The idea of a membership that fluctuates based on what the pending question is isn't very amenable to me. And I don't see enough support for it in RONR to necessarily agree that it is correct, especially since the authors keep tinkering around with the definition of "quorum" from edition to edition. ☺️
  23. policies and by laws

    As long as you can still spell asma, you're probably alright.
  24. And he (or she) is entitled to attend the meeting, as well, and should definitely do that while presiding. ?
  25. I'm just waiting until someone tells me what to delete, 'cause I have no intention of reading this stuff. :-)