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  1. In the absence of the secretary in executive session (as she is an employee and a non-voting member of the board), can the president take his own minutes or should he appoint someone else to do so? Also, shouldn't the minutes be adopted at the next executive meeting, especially if it is on the same topic?
  2. president resignation

    I have had the position of president for 6 months, I have been asked to resign by the discipline due to "lack of trust" or be suspended. if i resign do i still hold position of past president?
  3. President Authority

    Good afternoon, Our chapter president dictates tasks and other policies on a regular basis. I know the presiding officer has the right to set procedures for expedition of meetings, but our president is setting procedures that are contrary to our bylaws and, what I believe to be, RONR. She states that it is within her authority to do so. Additionally, she states that other officers and chairs are subordinate to her and that if we disagree or don't do as we say we are being insubordinate. What authority does a chapter president/presiding officer have over members, officers, and chairs? Thanks!
  4. Our bylaws state the President appoints the chairperson and all members of the standing committees and be an ex-officio member of all committees. Our current President was a committee chair when they were elected President. At first, they agreed to step down from the committee and appoint a new chair. Now the President has stated that they will continue as chair of the committee. Is this proper? Can the President be chair of a committee if bylaws state they are an ex-officio member of the committee? Also, our officers and committee chairpersons receive compensation. If the President can be committee chair, should she get paid as President and as committee chair?
  5. President of nonprofit member organization (board term 7/1/16 - 6/30/18) resigned March 2017. Bylaws do not state how to replace president mid-term. Current VPs have declined the position. Do we solicit nominations and put forth a ballot to the membership?
  6. Our current President, during our Unit meeting, slid a piece of paper to her second vice requesting that she read the page. On the page was our President's formal request for our Unit to "endorse" her for Department. She asked, verbally for support, a few said yes, many stayed quiet not supporting her but also not wanting to say no. As President should she not have excused herself from the room, or better requested secret ballot? Several officers were absent from the meeting and would like to know if it is possible to get the "endorsement" overturned.
  7. President Gone Rogue

    So our president has gone rogue. He claims to know that only the board as a whole has the authority to make decisions, but he's not living it and is seeking to dictate to the entire board "how things are going to be." Is there anything in Robert's Rules that speaks to the "limits" of a president's so-called power? As well, our bylaws do read that directors are elected for "a three-year term or until the director's successor is elected." I understand that to mean that the general membership has the ability/power to remove a director at a duly called meeting for any reason (or no reason). Is this correct? If that is correct (and if so, I surely hope it doesn't come to that, since it would cause division in the organization), what is the proper procedure for doing that at a meeting? Does one just stand up during a lull and say, "I move to remove Mr X. from the position of president"? Does notice need to be given? Should the president be made aware that this is coming?
  8. Can the chairman of the board of a non-profit organization also be the president? Also, do they have voting privileges?
  9. Can the President of an organization with by-laws break them by making an "executive decision" when no such thing exists in the rules? Examples: 1. All vehicles in the show must be year model 1970 or earlier. No members may park a later year model vehicle in the show area. This is the rule above but the President allowed one of the members to break it and said "I made an executive decision because she had paid for her space and her car did not get fixed on time but she had another vehicle that is a 1972 and I allowed it." I would not think he would be allowed to make such a decision. 2. The silent auction winners or Accessory sales purchases must be paid for in cash unless you are a member. We will only take a check from a member. The president said he "trusted" the buyer and allowed for the check to be accepted. Can he do this?
  10. Hello all, A community Civic Club with much confusion within currently just held it's election. The current secretary ran for president and won without resigning from his secretary role. Currently, he holds both the secretary and president position. Whats the rule of thumb when it comes to 1.) holding two positions at once and 2.) is the secretary required to step down before running for president so that the secretary role can be filled? Thank you, BrodysDad
  11. President resigns

    Our President resigned and as stated in the bylaws a single vacancy "may be filled" by a vote of the remaining executive board (6 of 7 elected positions). A majority voted to allow the Vice President to be both acting President and Vice President. There is no provision for a member of the executive board to hold two positions. Our group is governed by bylaws first and then by Robert's Rules of Order. Can the Vice President fill both positions? Or does the Vice President give up that position when promoted to President, thus creating a vacancy?
  12. Rules

    Hello, I am confused and do not know where to find the rules or if it is even in the rules. I am currently the vice president of my student government association and the president is not allowed to vote unless it's a tied. Since the president of my association will not be able to attend a few meetings and leaves me to be the chair/facilitator do i lose my voting rights?
  13. Mr

    Can a seated President nominate a member for a president or nominates a member for any board position during an open nomination meeting? Thanks
  14. Hi, a question that arose that I didn't know the answer to is: in a regularly meeting deliberative assembly, if the chairman constantly proposes motions but is overwhelmingly rejected each and every time he does so, does he have a moral obligation to resign? (I am not a member of this assembly so I do not know a great deal of details, but I do know there is discontent brewing.)
  15. After reviewing my text, I can only find the answers of when a president rises during voting and discussion. My question is, will a president rise when they are giving a report for their position? All other members will request from the president for the floor, and remain standing to give their report. So does the president stand when they are speaking?
  16. Relinquish the Chair

    If multiple motions are pending and the chair is relinquished such that the president can debate the immediately pending motion, should the chair be relinquished until all pending motions are disposed of or just the immediately pending motion.
  17. How should the President be referred to in minutes. Should it be President Jane or just the first name. Here is an example. Thank you · Jane Doe gave a convention report and read an invitation to the 2017 Convention.
  18. Chairman of the Board

    Chairman of the Board In our organization, the Chairman of the Board is the President of the organization. The duties of the President, include appointing committees other than those committees whose appointments are identified as “appointed” or “elected” by the Board. In addition, our Board has adopted the rules for “small boards” as it contains fewer than 12 elected members. In regard to President appointed committees: When and if a committee chair so appointed by the President resigns, does the President (also COB) have the right to take over as chair of that committee? If so, does the President as COB need to relinquish the chair position to the next in line in order to make a report of the committee to the Board and enter into debate and voting on the report (considering our Board adopted “small board” rules)? If the next in line (Vice President) were to accept the temporary “chair” position, does this acting “chair” have a right to enter into debate and vote on the report (considering our Board adopted “small board” rules)?
  19. We will be having our second month of nominations for officers. Last month no one accepted a nomination for president of our club. What happens if no one accepts during this second (and last) round of nominations? Our elections are next month.
  20. Please help. We have a board president of a small HOA board who does not understand nor will she follow Roberts Rules of Order despite our state laws requiring board meetings must be conducted in compliance with RRO. The most recent issue is the board Secretary issues the draft meeting minutes to the board for pre-meeting reading and to gather any corrections before the final draft is included in the board's meeting package for approval of the minutes. The problem is the Secretary's meeting minutes have been completely rewritten by the President especially regarding an incident that the president was personally handling. Other board members sent in changes for corrections but did not rewrite the minutes. Question: Does the president have the power to change the Secretary's minutes without any notice or rationale to the Secretary? Doesn't the Secretary "own" the minutes content since she has to sign off that the meeting minutes approved are indeed correct? If anyone can point me to where it is in RRO specifically that the President is not permitted to do this it would greatly help! Need to know the difference between the President approving the draft minutes and the President completely rewriting her own version. Thanks!
  21. committeee chair

    Should the president be a sitting member of the Finance committee? Our organization is small and there are a minumun of three members on the committee. One of them has to be the Treasurer.
  22. Good evening, Our president has just tendered his resignation, with 9 months remaining in his term. According to our Bylaws, the 1st VP becomes Pres and shall remain as such for 9 months (until next AGM). Many in the org suggest that the Past President's term is also complete, and his replacement ought to be appointed from a pool of qualified candidates in accordance with the bylaws. Your thoughts?
  23. Gavel Raps

    Does Robert's Rules specify how many times the president should rap the gavel for different functions?
  24. I am the bylaws chair of a volunteer fire department. We have had a series of by-law violations committed by our bod. The list is lengthy but I need some help on two things: 1. Our by-laws state that there needs to be 5 voting bod members for a bod meeting vote. Our chairman had been suspended and the bod bypassed a trial board and held a special bod meeting with no notice to the body. In that meeting our president voted twice in favor of overturning the suspension in order to fulfil the 5 vote requirement. Can he do that? 2. Our bylaws state that no other fire department business can be conducted on election night which is this Weds. however, I plan on presenting my investigation findings to the body prior to vote with the hope of voting out the president and chairman and possibly the other bod members. Can I make motion to suspend the bylaws for this purpose?
  25. Good evening, I serve on a board for a high school marching band. We have had a very difficult year with what seems like very adversarial and controlling personalities. Several times in the past year, decisions have been made by the President, that many of us felt should have required a board discussion and required a vote. Twice I have had other board members tell me that the President is not required to discuss anything with the board and may make decisions as he or she sees fit. They then refer me to our bylaws. I have read the bylaws repeatedly and it does not state that. Robert's Rules of Order, revised edition, is referenced to govern the organization in cases where they are applicable. I am wondering if this is covered in this book. My question: Can the President of the board make decisions regarding purchases or projects that have not been discussed or budgeted for without a discussion with the other board members? Example 1: Agree and make a charitable donation to a booster member. 2. Commit the board and members to a capital building project without discussion. Again, the comment from 2 other board members is that the President does not need board permission for any decision. This seems very much contradictory to what I believe is the purpose of the board. Thank you for any insight you can share.