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  1. Roberts Rules versus Org Bylaws

    It was my response to Dan's assumption that the Chair knows if RONR had already been accepted as the parliamentary authority.
  2. Roberts Rules versus Org Bylaws

    Which serves the same purpose viz. ensuing that officially RONR has been adopted. But to make you happy Dan then the member should make an inquiry of the Chair before the motion if RONR has already been adopted.
  3. Church Council election

    Because if a revote needs to be done, the OP can go back and when her nomination is rejected (again) then she'll know the correct way to handle the situation. Specifically they MUST have a ballot with her name on it and a blank for write in votes. She should also hold the assembly to the rule that no debate can occur during voting. My question is: are members allowed who they are voting for or who to vote for DURING the voting by ballot?
  4. Assuming RONR is in play it sounds like it was a Request to be Excused from Duty. It would be up to the body to decide if the duty were that as an officer (i.e. still a member but not performing the duties of their office) or a member (i.e. temporarily withdrawing from membership). A couple of things, the former would not reduce the number of members so a quorum based on total members or a majority of the membership vote would remain the same but the latter reduces the number of members by one. Also, do your bylaws allow for temporary resignations from membership?
  5. Roberts Rules versus Org Bylaws

    Why hunt through old dusty minutes that wouldn't change anything and instead just adopt RONR?
  6. Meeting Decorum,

    I might add that the Chair is expected to maintain order even before a member raises the issue.
  7. Just to clarify because I saw this answer in another thread a few days ago: if the requirement for membership is in the bylaws then the organization cannot add to it except by amending the bylaws. My question is where is that in RONR to show the Chair on a Point of Order?
  8. Roberts Rules versus Org Bylaws

    Let's just focus on this. How is holding seminars making it a rule?
  9. Church Council election

    You can raise a Point of Order that the election is null and void as it violated the bylaws.
  10. But the point still remains that those ellected illegally could not vote for that amendment which is a concern of the OP.
  11. First things first. Those people on the board in violation of the bylaws ARE NOT MEMBERS OF THE AGENDA or EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE!!. Their election was invalid and as soon as a Point of Order is held up to that effect everyone should be aware they have NO RIGHTS!! They CANNOT vote for the Bylaw Amendment either as members of the Agenda Committee or as members of the Executive Committee as they are not members and never were. Honestly the best solution would be for the Presiding Officer to inform them ahead of time that since their election violated the Bylaws they are not members of the committees and cannot attend any meetings unless they are legally elected.
  12. Or the agenda can be amended in the beginning by a majority of members to set a time for adjournment.
  13. Would being wrongfully denied a nomination be considered a continuing breach for violating the basic right of a member or does that require a timely Point of Order?
  14. Until the bylaw is adopted (and even assuming it is not) what is the status of the 6 (non?)members of the Agenda committee? And would the actions of the Agenda Committee need to be ratified at some point when this is settled since the composition violates the bylaws?