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  1. See FAQ #9.
  2. Also see FAQ #12 and #13.
  3. The president only has such powers that the bylaws provide.
  4. Guest Wes, when you post as a new topic, more details may be helpful.
  5. Please post as a new topic.
  6. Guest Visitor, for future reference, please post as a new topic.
  7. Ultimately it is up to your organization to interpret your bylaws.
  8. It would be secret if the meeting was in executive session.
  9. Even if a second is required, it becomes irrelevant once debate has begun.
  10. Who established the wages?
  11. I'm not sure anything could be done other than meeting the notice requirements in your bylaws.
  12. In describing the motion to adjourn, this motion is "unqualified" when it does not specify a time for adjourning (see RONR 11th ed., p. 233).
  13. What is the secretary doing?
  14. And see FAQ #15.