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  1. resolutions

    How about presenting the resolution at the next meeting?
  2. Informal Discussion

    "Informal consultation to assist the framing of a motion" is in RONR 11th ed., pp. 395-396. The assembly could decide what to do about the informal discussion.
  3. Informal Discussion

    When are you having informal discussion?
  4. New Standing Rule

    What is the rule? Is there an existing rule?
  5. President ex-officio

    See FAQ #2.
  6. Voting

    Why weren't the ballots collected before the closing of the meeting?
  7. Is Nominating Committee Slate Legal?

    The committee could validly conduct business if a quorum is present at the committee's meeting.
  8. By-Laws

    Perhaps FAQ #2 may be of use.
  9. And see RONR 11th ed., p. 89, ll. 16-22.
  10. Bylaw amendments

    Also see "Previous Notice of Motions" in RONR 11th ed., p. 121.
  11. Hearings

    Not according to RONR. Any such requirement would have to be found in your rules.
  12. Circumventing the agenda

    New business could be brought up and action taken without it being on the agenda.
  13. See "Remedies for Abuse of Authority by the Chair in a Meeting" in RONR 11th ed., starting on page 650.