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  1. Also see FAQ #9. In addition to your copy of RONR, the In Brief book may be of use.
  2. Removal of Agent Selected by Board

    Does the Registrar have a term of office?
  3. Member

    Perhaps Mr. Chairman should not be an ex-officio for the nominating committee.
  4. Member

    Why couldn't you elect whoever the chairman was going to find?
  5. Sec/Treas.

    The president only has such powers that the bylaws provide. So I think the answer would likely be "No".
  6. Minutes of the meeting

    Minutes of board meetings are only available to board members unless your rules say otherwise or the membership adopts a motion to make them available.
  7. Special Election

    No rule in RONR would require it.
  8. President of a unincorporated guild

    Any discussion of requirements for the IRS is beyond the scope of this forum.
  9. It appears you have it. I'll add that in elections, it's the candidate (not yes/no votes) receiving a majority vote.
  10. In your example, 10 votes would be a majority vote if there are 18 votes.
  11. Members could abstain. Abstentions are not counted in determining a majority vote (also see FAQ #6).
  12. The number of votes cast is used in determining a majority vote. The number of members present may affect whether there is a quorum (in this regard, also see FAQ #3).
  13. Presidents refusal to sign contract

    The president could be disciplined.