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  1. Also see RONR 11th ed., p. 95, ll. 4-12.
  2. Board not being included

    What does the board want to do?
  3. President resigns

    Unless your bylaws provide otherwise, the vice president automatically becomes president if there is a vacancy in this position.
  4. Resignation of a board- via text

    Also see FAQ #18.
  5. Table a motion

    FAQ #12 and #13 may be of use.
  6. Yes (see RONR 11th ed., pp. 354-355).
  7. It is up to the organization to decide on the modifications for online meetings.
  8. Article of incorporating. VS Bylaws

    The articles of incorporation supersedes all the other rules of the organization.
  9. Any member can offer corrections to the minutes. When there are no further corrections, the minutes are approved without a motion or vote.
  10. Elections for President/Vice-President

    No, unless your bylaws are amended.
  11. Elections for President/Vice-President

    That is up to your organization to decide. Your organization could amend its bylaws so that it's not a possibility.