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  1. FAQ #2 may be of use.
  2. Please post as a new topic.
  3. It would be found in your rules. Ultimately it is up to your organization to interpret those rules.
  4. I think this is a legal matter, which is beyond the scope of this forum. An attorney should be consulted.
  5. The minutes are a record of what was done at a meeting. Approving the minutes has to do with the accuracy of the record and not with the validity of the actions taken.
  6. Elect someone else.
  7. RONR does not require someone to be a member to be nominated or elected. It appears your rules might, so the answer to your question would have to be found in your rules.
  8. Someone could be elected without being present (see RONR 11th ed., p. 444).
  9. Generally yes to your questions. A bylaws amendment could be amended using the motion to amend. How much that could be amended is limited to the scope of notice of the amendment.
  10. A member could be punished for violating the secrecy of an executive session, although it's not clear to me that this was done.
  11. Duplicate post
  12. Perhaps too much is being put in the minutes. It is mainly a record of what was done, not what was said.
  13. Please post as a new topic.
  14. That makes sense. I suppose the same officers could be elected again while following the procedures in the bylaws for the election process.
  15. Whoever hired her before could hire her again.
  16. It is ultimately up to the assembly, not the president, to decide.
  17. So they are having an annual meeting two months after the previous annual meeting?
  18. If the elections were properly held, they don't have to be done again.
  19. Leo, what is the situation leading to your question for this thread?
  20. Get more members on your side.
  21. The president normally presides (see RONR 11th ed, p. 22, ll. 33-35). The organization can choose whoever it wants to preside.
  22. No, unless the employee is a member or officer of the organization and had resigned or was elected to or expelled from membership or office.
  23. Your association could decide this issue.
  24. The reporting member of the committee presents the report of the committee.