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  1. Voting

    No. Keep voting until someone eligible receives a majority vote.
  2. Voting

    It is a majority vote.
  3. No rule in RONR prohibits it.
  4. Should minutes reflect bad behavior

    I'm not sure that the procedure for naming the offender was followed. I think this incident should be left out of the minutes.
  5. Is A Constitution in Order?

    I think whether you could have a separate chapter constitution would depend on the requirements of the parent organization and its constitution.
  6. You are still a member and have all the rights of membership, including the right to vote, unless disciplinary procedures are followed (see FAQ #20).
  7. Unless your rules say otherwise, the board could exclude any nonmembers of the board by majority vote.
  8. Meeting rules

    See RONR 11th ed., p. 500.
  9. Lie on the table

    First, see FAQ #12 and 13.
  10. Principle of interpretation

    See RONR 11th ed., p. 573, ll. 1-3.
  11. Resigning of President

    No. The vice president automatically becomes president unless your bylaws provide otherwise.
  12. New President Resigns

    Unless your bylaws provide otherwise, the vice president automatically becomes president and there would be an election for vice president.
  13. Founding Versus Charter Members

    RONR does not address it.
  14. Bylaws Approval

    Whatever process is in your bylaws for amending them is what should be followed.
  15. Customary Order of Business?

    Perhaps FAQ #14 may be of use.
  16. no nominations for an office

    If it's of concern, why couldn't you elect someone else?
  17. treasurer's report

    See "Reports by the treasurer" in RONR 11th ed., pp. 477-480.
  18. treasurer's report

  19. Donation Prior To Non-Profit Formation

    RONR does not address this matter.
  20. Agendas

    RONR does not require providing an agenda in advance of the meeting.
  21. Voting off president

    Do your bylaws allow this (see FAQ #20)?
  22. How To Replace a Board Member

    No, unless the bylaws give them such powers. Generally the body that elected the board members would have the power to fill the vacancies.
  23. 30 Days after adoption date to present

    Why do you need 30 days?
  24. Amending Minutes/Reciding Motion

    The minutes of the next meeting would include the point of order.