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  1. Elections and ballot counting

    Certain offices are vote for x or y. Other offices are vote for 6 positions with 14 nominees. That one alone can last all night. Have to get the top 6, has to be majority, tie causes a runoff or another vote. i'd like to have two people just for that alone. it can get hairy.
  2. Elections and ballot counting

    I hadn't thought of that. My original thought was to have 4 tellers at the same time.
  3. Election night is tomorrow for our organization. It appears that we are going to have more participation than usual which is wonderful, however it might lead to a very late night. Our bylaws and constitution call for 2 tellers. The actual wording is "presiding officer shall appoint two tellers". Is there any wiggle room there to use more than two tellers or are we to strictly abide by the text and have exactly two? No more, no less.
  4. Elections

    I want to bring it to convention floor for next time but it does not help for right now.
  5. Elections

    Our constitution states that elections are done with mail in ballot 30 days notice and vote in person at the special meeting.
  6. Elections

    Yes sirs it is a problem.
  7. Elections

    Ok well our bylaws state that you can't be elected to the two offices simultaneously. Our elections are done by australian ballot and/or in person at polls. That creates another question of how could the mail in voters have an opportunity for the next vote if no one will know result until tellers finish at the polling place?
  8. Elections

    We have in our bylaws and constitution that no one may be ELECTED to TWO offices at once. We have several members nominated to dual positions in upcoming elections. What is the procedure here? Can the candidates choose after election? If so is there a new election for the office they don't select or does the person with next amount of votes become elected? Do you vote again and on same night or schedule new meeting. We've never had this happen in our organization before.
  9. amendments

    I got my answer Richard in a private message. Didn't know I needed your approval.
  10. Keeping order

    Disruptive means that a rank and file union member stormed into a private meeting for elected officials only although he was asked not to, then became verbally abusive because of personal issues stemming from being removed two terms ago from an elected office, then announced he would come to the next meeting and be disruptive just to embarrass the board, then left when we said we would call the police. If this person actually comes to the next general membership meeting I'm not sure about stating the person's name and having the secretary put it in the minutes will help establish order.
  11. Keeping order

    I have read about dealing those who become unruly at meetings. My question is how to handle members who threaten in advance to attend a meeting only to intentionally be disruptive.