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  1. The local Planning Commission recommended a zoning change and then passed it along to City Council as required. There is then supposed to be a public hearing and three readings. The public hearing was held and then it went to City Council for the first reading. A motion to reject the proposed zoning change passed by a six to 1 vote on first reading at the City Council meeting. Is there still a second reading (and ultimately a third reading) since the zoning change was not approved at first reading or does it die and no second reading occurs at the next Council meeting? If a second reading is required and there is a vote that supports the change does that vote take precedence over the vote at the first reading? I can't find the answer in any city by-laws, policies etc. In fact I can't find any statement of the purpose of a first reading. Thanks for any help.
  2. When on the agenda is the proper time for a motion to take from the table a resolution that was tabled at the previous meeting? Is that part of old business?
  3. 1. If something is postponed indefinitely, what is the procedure for unpostponing (I probably made that word up but it works for me) it? 2. I understand that if something is tabled then it must be untabled (perhaps another made up word) no later than the next meeting. If it is not untabled, is the original motion allowed to be reintroduced at a later time? Thanks. This forum is extermely helpful to a rookie!
  4. Our by-laws (written in the 1980's) state that a 2/3 vote of members present is required to amend the by-laws. It also states that a quorum is defined as at least one-half of the members. Our growth, both in number of members and geographical disrtibution of members, makes it impossible to meet the quorum requirement. Typically fewer than 100 of our 1000 members attend the meeting. So how do we go about amending the by-laws?