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  1. Appointment vs. Election

    Can a Vice President be appointed or does is he/she have to be elected?
  2. Term of office as President

    Not an issue anymore as of last night. They are out!
  3. Term of office as President

    Thank you so much, we are at chapter 20 now. May have to ask more questions though. Thank you so much.
  4. Term of office as President

    Yes, they specify "when called by the president (who we want to get rid of), and "when a member petitions the the president to call a meeting and special meetings require a seven day notice to the general membership.
  5. Term of office as President

    We want a member of the executive board out! Our ByLaws states that members can't call a Special Call Meeting. But says, the removal of officer for cause will be done by by the vote of the general membership at a special call meeting. What may be the recourse to get them out?
  6. Term of office as President

    Does Robert Rule have a term length for voted in Executive Board Members? If so, how long before they can run for office for that position again?
  7. Members Leaving Inc.

    Thank you Mr. Gary Novosielski, I got my answer.
  8. Members Leaving Inc.

    Mr. Huynh, I made a mistake. The members are just leaving. I will edit my Topic and subject line. Thank you though for the information regarding an attorney, at least I know that now. Blessings.
  9. Members Leaving Inc.

    Got my answers, than you all. I may not have asked the question properly, but here is the answer. Thanks all. Section 3.9. No dues shall be refunded in the event a member is terminated, or is voted out. Pre-paid dues will be prorated and refunded from date of termination.
  10. Executive Board Elections

    Thank you sir. RROL Roberts Rules On Line.
  11. Executive Board Elections

    Question please! I really searched and could not find an answer, so I came to trusty RROL Q. Election are up and due. The same executive board will remain in place with no other/new nominees. Does the organization still have to ballot vote for the same four people?
  12. V.P. and Treasurer Quit

    DUH! Wish I had thought about this before I asked. Yes the bylaws do, and I thank you!
  13. V.P. and Treasurer Quit

    To elect a new V.P. and Treasurer (interim) until November of this year, dos voting have to be done by ballot?
  14. Treasurer Quit - No under treasurer

    Thank you sir.
  15. Can the President sign checks?