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  1. What is the rule to handle a committee member who criticizes another member during a meeting?
  2. ByLaws

    Recently the ByLaws committee presented proposed amendments to executive board. One of the proposed amendment brought on a disagreement from the President and two officers. The President proposed to make made a change to that one recommendation before the committee presented to the executive council and the entire membership. Does he have that right?
  3. Policy

    In our non-profit organization the current President asked the treasurer to create a finance policy and procedure manual. It was presented to the executive board who approved the manual. The policy was never shared with the entire membership for a vote of approval because the President says it doesn't have to got the membership. My question is should the membership have the right to vote on such action?
  4. By-Laws

    President appointed a committee to review the organization by-laws for revision. Committee consist of a chairman, legal counsel, three members and the parliamentarian. Questions: Who is responsible for presenting the revised by-laws to the general body? By-Laws states any changes or revision a 60 day notice should be given to the general body before voting what's the best method to notify the members of these changes?
  5. Vetting

    Does a non-profit organization have a due deligence to vet a potential candidate- volunteer for a national position?
  6. What are the guidelines for vetting potential candidates for an office in a non profit organization ?

  7. Voting privilege

    Thank you all for your comments for this is my thoughts and feelings. I'm ready for the debate which I know is coming at the upcoming meet.
  8. Voting privilege

    Our board is made up of 7 elected officers and 3 appointed officer (treasurer,recording secretary, legal counsel). Each officer have specific duties that they are required to perform to benefit the organization. Our President decided to appoint an executive assistance the question is does this person have voting privileges.