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  1. The Monkey has returned to the jungle and the Rooster is in the yard. May all have a very good parliamentary year. Best wishes to one and all. Larry Cisar
  2. 2015 has adjourned and 2016 has come to order. The hope of all is for better decorum than was seen during the second half of 2015. May all your resolutions be positive and achieve an easy majority.
  3. Check your bylaws carefully as to what is required for a resignation to be accepted. If the bylaws are silent about this, Josh is correct. However, the making of it verbally at a meeting might be all that is required. Thus check you bylaws carefully.
  4. It would not be inappropriate to ask them to recuse themselves. If they have a right to attend, they do not have to follow a request to leave.
  5. Sit back and relax. If the chair does not want to listen to you, there is nothing you can do. You might want to refresh yourself on handling appeals from the rulings of the chair, amending the agenda, and how adjournments are handled.
  6. Some organizations do have rules that state that members have access to all minutes. If that is the case, you are outside the realm of RONR on that.
  7. That depends upon what the Bylaws and higher say.
  8. 'The moiton was declared adopted by unanimous consent but objections were heard.' That is what I think the minutes should say based on what was reported by the secretary. Declaring less is allowing the minutes to abuse the rights of members to a fair meeting.
  9. How about requiring that they prove their motion is in order before you will put it before the assembly? Make them do the work.
  10. Or to put it another way, is there any rule that says a Board member cannot be a committee chair? No such rule, no problem exists.
  11. Also check your bylaws and any laws affecting your society.
  12. Since the election was finished, I do not see the nominating committee to have any role in declaring the election invalid. That would have to go to the assembly and then I wonder about what their power would be. If it comes down to being a legal issue, you need an attorney and not a parliamentarian.
  13. This is only true if the general membership meeting ranks higher than the board meeting. Be sure that you know the power of each body.
  14. It is called volunteering to fill the office. It is allowed.
  15. If you let the chair gavel on, you get what you deserve. You have to have a backbone.