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  1. We are looking for a Parliamentarian for out annual association meeting. Is anyone that lives in the Central Ohio area available or interested. Actual location of meeting is in Lancaster, Ohio. our last 2 local Parliamentarians are no longer around, one passed away and the other stopped filling the role. I am asking on behalf or our organization, and at the request of the President. we have had a major shakeup in the past 2 years, and now the board is finally functioning properly, and improvements in the over all health of the organization is great. Thank you Robert Dingus if interested you can contact me at
  2. Thank you i had not considered another meeting to fill the vancacies, this is exactly what we need to do then, to follow our by laws and rules, it takes an Annual Meeting or full membership meeting to amend our by laws, and a 30 day notice to call the meeting and include the changed before hand. thank you for the assist. Robert
  3. here are the vacancies that they can fill, it appears to only be for the Board of Trustees not to any committee. Section D. Vacancies ‘Should the office of president become vacant, the vice president shall succeed to the office of president for the unexpired term and the vacancy arises in the office of vice president. The trustee-elect shall be called to succeed to the office of trustee to fill the unexpired term of the first vacancy that may arise and shall perform all duties of a trustee, except the trustee-elect shall not assume an unexpired one-year term of an elected officer of the Board. Any subsequent vacancies that may arise before the next Annual Meeting shall be filled by action of the trustees and subject to confirmation by the Association at the next Annual Meeting. If confirmation is not given by the Association, the office shall be declared vacant and the trustee-elect, elected at this same meeting, shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. Robert
  4. Group, out constitution says the following, in regards to the Nominating Committee. Section B. Time of Election and Nomination Procedures l. Time. The trustees and trustee-elect shall be elected at the Annual Meeting. 2. Nomination. A nominating committee comprised of five Association members elected at the previous Annual Meeting for a one-year term, may nominate and shall receive nominations from Association members no later than forty-five days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting for all Board positions to be acted upon. The committee shall present to the Association two slates of eligible cottage owners as candidates: one slate for the trustee positions to be filled and one slate to fill the position of trustee-elect. Nominations shall not be received from the floor. Since this provision is explicit as to when and how the Nominating Committee is to be established. We lost our Quorum at the Annual Meeting before these actions could be carried out, is it legal / lawful according to the above to apoint a new committee after the fact by our Board. I read this as it is not legal, based on the specific nature of the exact phrasing. To me this means that the current Nominating Committee is still the Legal and Valid Committee until the next annual meeting. what say you, Robert
  5. what i am asking is it common, for this many board members to jump ship when they realize they are liable for any financial losses while they were on the board, since an audit was not conducted, on an annual basis, the current members are responsible for the past 6 years worth of issues. Robert Dingus
  6. we recently had our meeting of our organization, that this group has helped guide me through. within a week of the meeting, after we addressed 13 our of 15 motions on the Agenda. our General Manager, and both office personnel ( only worked 3 days a week for all), plus 4 board members, (finance committee chair, long range planning chair, a new apointee with no chair, and Treasurer), all resigned. the primary objective was to procure an outside Audit of our finances, as required by our constitution to be done yearly. it was ignored and not done for 6 years. our efforts to obtain information and communicate clearly with our association members was the secondary goal. in light of 7, resignations the Hate, Anger and general Abuse from the trustees, and their closest allies, has become a major distraction from the facts. is this a common thing to happen, if we believe the board, our finances are in order and we are ok. Robert Dingus
  7. Gary, thank you that is our consensus as well, we had a packed house last night at the Board meeting, we have our date now, we have one board member that is trying to fight against the grain, and follow the constitution to the letter, she is in the camp of the Association members and wants things done right. when we got to Old Business she brought that to the attention of the Board as it was a standing request / demand and shall be done. we got to see the other 6 members of the board roll their eyes, in silent protest but we had unanimous vote for the meeting, the board realizing we were not going to let it drop thank you all for your support and guidance. Robert Dingus
  8. For Clarification purposes, we requested / demanded another Association called meeting, so we could continue the debacle of our Feb 20, 2016 meeting. this go around we had 54 Signatures on the request February 26, 2016, and also re-included all of the previous motion, and some new ones to the mix. so we can get our organization back on track. This request in writing was hand delivered to the Front office (drop point for communications). instead of a call for meeting being sent out, the board took our call, and compiled a questionnaire from the motions, and then pre-answered the questions in the motions, instead of issuing the call. we as of today still do not have an Association called meeting scheduled or in the works. as a side note, if the board puts out a Town Hall call, (not by u.s. mail) but by Email news letter, we are forbidden to conduct business (no motions, nothing gets fixed) this is the rumor we are hearing right now. There is a board meeting tonight, and i have been encouraging all Members show up to this, to give support to our position we want this meeting. standing room only if we can pull it off. Robert Dingus.