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  1. rigged.

    Agreeing with the others I'd also be careful in how you phrase your suspicions even outside of the meeting. You said that the candidate for President is a very popular person and it sounds like you are suggesting that Chuck and Mike are conspiring to arrange things so an unpopular person can slip into the Presidency without the Membership's direct approval. Just keep in mind that you can possibly get into trouble for what you say wherever you are (see RONR p. 649 onward). Being popular usually means that you have friends who will take great umbrage to any suggestion you are doing something untoward especially if it can't be proved.
  2. Nothing in RONR prohibits it.
  3. Addressing Chairman when Vice President Chairs

    I address a female presiding officer as "Madam Chairman."
  4. Nominator question

    I would probably have interpreted it the other way (a member can make one nomination and second another). Which is why it's up to the organization to decide.
  5. Elections and Voting

    When there is a conflict between the Bylaws and RONR the Bylaws win. But be careful because you all will probably be creating more headaches then solving.
  6. When are C&BL Amendments Required

    You should check the C&BL regarding your duties because sometimes they also specify that other duties can be imposed by the Membership (or Board). If the C&BL do say that and the Membership did adopt a motion instructing the Treasurer to submit a monthly report you have a duty to comply.
  7. Improper Decorum During Debate

    Since others besides you noticed the faces I think it could be construed as "disturbing the assembly" which violates decorum (RONR p. 394).
  8. Dress Code

    No. RONR (mostly) deals with how to conduct meetings not how the members are dressed for it. RONR could be applied in a meeting of Butlers or in a meeting of nudists and their dressing requirements are probably a bit different.
  9. opportunity to vote

    This is exactly the reason why RONR discourages mixing in-meeting voting with absentee voting (RONR p. 423 ll. 25-35). Is it feasible after the election meeting for the absent members to be sent a ballot with the names of everyone who was nominated so they are on equal footing with those who were at the meeting and the results be announced at the next meeting?
  10. Are these 30 people actually members of the Steering Committee or are most of them allowed to attend but have no actual rights of membership? You may have to check those bylaws to know for sure.
  11. Reconsider a motion

    The motion to Reconsider has a very strict time limit in which it can be made (RONR p. 316 ll. 22-31) and it is now too late to make it.

    Are decisions actually being made in these informal meetings or is everyone just talking with no intention to decide anything?
  13. Well, you are under no obligation to read this literature and can let this person know that such literature was neither asked for nor welcome. As for the harassment and bullying see FAQ #20 for disciplinary options.
  14. Bylaw amendments

    Is the proposed amendment(s) coming from a committee or is a single member making the proposal?
  15. Presidential Authority

    The President only has the authority the bylaws give him (RONR p. 456 ll. 22-28). If a member believes he exceeded his authority they should raise a Point of Order at a meeting and be prepared to Appeal an adverse ruling (RONR pp. 247-260).