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  1. Our entity uses Robert's rules. We have by-laws which require a 2/3 vote of 13 directors to change. We have policies which require a majority vote of directors at a meeting where a policy change or addition has been moved. At our last meeting a member introduced a motion in a form of what was wanted to be accomplished to change the names of officers. I indicated that would take a by-law change. The introducing director said he had reviewed that and a policy change was all that was necessary. A roll call vote was taken with a result of 5 in favor and 4 against. The president should then have been required to vote but that did not happen. The change was reported as passed. Subsequent to the meeting, I determined that a change of officer titles does require a by-law change. As a result of the action at the last meeting our policies are not in agreement with our by-laws. What action must be taken at the next meeting to correct this situation. Thanks.