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  1. It was a regular monthly board meeting. Duly noticed in advance and open to any association member. Our HOA member meetings do have members participating. Generally they are once a year or special meetings when called (rare). I think I have gotten good input and thank those who took the time. I now have several fellow board members understanding that audience members were not elected to conduct the business of the association and we need to be more careful in allowing comments only at the appropriate times on the agenda for such comments.
  2. We have an elected nine member board of directors that conducts the business of a homeowners association. Our agendas are published in advance and there is audience member comments called for at the beginning and end of each meeting. Generally only a dozen or less members are in attendance during board meetings. Our Association has been casual about allowing questions from the audience and some give their opinions on a particular issue. Recently an audience member wanted to speak (give opinion) after a board motion had been made and was seconded. The Chair had called for discussion on the motion prior to the vote. I raised a point of order and asked if it was appropriate for audience members to participate in the discussion of board motions. Conflicting opinions resulted. I cannot find an absolute statement that this is or isn't allowed. I appreciate a reference or clarification on this issue. Camcnulty
  3. If our organization has a nine member board and a vote is 4 in favor, 3 against and 2 Abstentions, is that a passing Vote? Some think it should be 5 in favor.