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  1. I AM concerned that a committee set up to review finances could collude - with 4 members (a quorum of the full board) and just override the other 3 members of the full board. We are indeed a public body and all committee meetings as well as full board meetings are public. Rarely does anyone attend our small committee meetings though, and they are a bit less formal. Thank you all, you've saved me lots of time scouring for an answer that doesn't exist. I wondered if it was just a bad practice. Thank you all again.
  2. We have a small board of trustees - 7 members. We have committees of 2 with the chair an ex-officio of each. A new chair of a committee would like to invite another board member to be on the committee. Are there rules concerning how many members may be on a committee? My concern is that with the 3 members (vs. 2) and the chair they would constitute a quorum in the larger board. IF there is some guidance, can you point me to it? Thank you so much.