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  1. Nominating Committee Problem

    The question is: is the NomCom’s decision void due to an ineligible member? Or since the objection was made only after the nominations were announced (and the committee was automatically discharged) does the NomCom’s decision stand?
  2. Nominating Committee Problem

    There really is no motion. The NomCom emails its decision to the BOD as well as the membership. There is always the option to add other nominees (as stated in the bylaws), although I’m not sure if that was ever done. I believe the only reason there was any objection here is because certain people did not agree with the NomCom’s decision. Rather than nominate another slate, they chose to challenge the NomCom’s validity.
  3. Nominating Committee Problem

    The exact wording of the bylaws is as follows: The Board of Directors will appoint a three (3) person Nominating Committee to suggest a slate of candidates for election at the Annual Meeting. No Officer shall be a member of the Nominating Committee although other Board Members are eligible. a) Should a member of the Nominating Committee be proposed as a candidate for either a Director or Officer position, that member will recuse himself or herself from the Nominating Committee and a new member of the Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Board of Directors immediately. Members of xxxxxx shall be eligible to suggest candidates to the Nominating Committee. a) The members of the Nominating Committee shall be published to the general membership with directions on how to contact the Nominating Committee to suggest candidates within two weeks of the Nominating Committee being appointed. Candidates for each of the five board positions up for election shall be presented to the Board of Directors and all members of xxxx by the Chair of the Nominating Committee no later than March of the calendar year in which directors are to assume their positions and no sooner than 30 days prior to the election. The Nominating Committee shall also nominate candidates for any vacated positions in any Class that do not correspond with the positions due for election. The Nominating Committee shall propose a slate of officers at the same time. Officers will be elected by the new Board of Directors after the Annual Meeting. Each nominated Director or Officer must be approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the Nominating Committee. A proxy with the board nominations listed will be mailed to each member no later than two (2) weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. The Membership may propose alternate candidates for the Board of Directors by submitting a slate supported by ten (10) member signatures. Alternate candidates may be written onto the proxy mailed to members. The Board of Directors may propose alternate candidates for Officers by submitting a slate supported by a Board majority.
  4. Nominating Committee Problem

    The committee member who is also running for re-election was nominated by the committee. It was my feeling that the time to protest the improperly placed candidate was prior to the committee reporting it’s decision. Protesting afterwards is more of a protest against the decision, not the member.
  5. My organization’s bylaws states that people running for office should not be allowed to be on the nominating committee. Do to an oversight, a candidate was put on the committee. There was no questions, complaints or concerns about this until after the committee rendered its decision. Then all of the sudden, people had a problem with that member of the committee. Should the committee’s decision be rendered invalid due to the oversight in picking a candidate for committee membership, or since there were no objections until after a decision was made, should the Nominating Committee’s decision stand?