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  1. A member recording a meeting

    And a police officer.
  2. A member recording a meeting

    A recording device seems to be the least of this group's issues.
  3. Motion to table

    Other than it seems he misunderstands the motion to Lay on the Table http://www.robertsrules.com/faq.html#13 , and that parliamentarians shouldn't be making comments at all regarding the merits of any pending motion (other than advising the chair about procedure, privately), nothing.
  4. Motion conflicts with previously adopted motion

    No. " An order limiting debate applies not only to the motion(s) on which the limitation is ordered, but also to any debatable subsidiary motions, motions to Reconsider, or debatable appeals that may become pending subsequently while the order is in force." RONR (11th ed.), p. 193.
  5. A member providing information

    I don't see why not. You don't need to wait until debate is over. Also, what if you wanted to make a secondary motion? "While debate is in progress, amendments or other secondary (subsidiary, privileged, or incidental) motions can be introduced and disposed of—and can be debated in the process, if they are debatable—as explained on pages 116–18" RONR (11th ed.), p. 386. Therefore, just because the chair is going back and forth in the debate, it doesn't prohibit members from doing other things which are procedurally proper.
  6. Adjourn Meeting

    "In the event of fire, riot, or other extreme emergency, if the chair believes taking time for a vote on adjourning would be dangerous to those present, he should declare the meeting adjourned—to a suitable time and place for an adjourned meeting (if he is able), or to meet at the call of the chair. " RONR (11th ed.), p. 86 Other than that, no.
  7. And all this time I thought Trina, Mr. Mountcastle and tc all returned in one day.
  8. Voting In Executive Session

    Only if the vote was taken by roll call. RONR (11th ed.), pp. 420-422
  9. Majority of the baord

    Unless the vote required to adopt the motion is a vote of a majority of the entire board, yes.
  10. Perhaps. If the member has been properly expelled in accordance with your rules "The only way to reverse an expulsion is to follow whatever procedure is prescribed by the bylaws for admission or reinstatement." (Quoted from RONR (11th ed.), p. 308)
  11. Ballot Votes in Committee

    Yes, I don't think there is any implication that a committee cannot vote by ballot as well if they decide to.
  12. Ballot Votes in Committee

    There is no rule in RONR that prohibits a committee from adopting a motion to vote by ballot. They may also enter into executive session as well if a greater degree of privacy is desired.
  13. A constitution & bylaws merger

    If your interpretation were correct, it's unlikely Mr. Gerber would have posted about that possibility.
  14. Recording Secretary

    Aside from your chairman another problem: " In an ordinary society, the minutes should contain mainly a record of what was done at the meeting, not what was said by the members. The minutes should never reflect the secretary's opinion, favorable or otherwise, on anything said or done." RONR (11th ed.), p. 468. The Secretary needs to stop putting what was said into the minutes. Also: The Secretary can refuse to make changes to the unapproved draft. Once the minutes are approved by the board, those minutes can only be amended by the board. What do you mean by publishing?
  15. steps to null and void a meeting

    It seems the national organizations sees a problem which no one else does, at least based on these facts. Best of luck.