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  1. What is good standing ?

    *Members in good standing are those whose rights as members of the assembly are not under suspension as a consequence of disciplinary proceedings or by operation of some specific provision in the bylaws. A member may thus be in good standing even if in arrears in payment of dues (see pp. 406, 571–72). If only some of an individual's rights as a member of the assembly are under suspension (for example, the rights to make motions and speak in debate), other rights of assembly membership may still be exercised (for example, the rights to attend meetings and vote). " RONR (11th ed.), p. 6 footnote
  2. Casper

    Although your question has been answered, if there's a possibility that members may want to offer numerous proposals for how many trucks to purchase, the passage on Filling Blanks may be of use to your group. See RONR (11th ed.), p. 162ff
  3. Seeing an organization worried about debate taking too long is quite refreshing.
  4. Lone Vote in Committee

    I don't think so. Those who abstained were obviously ok with the decision or one of them would have voted no.
  5. Changing a Vote by Ballot

    I'm glad to see Mr. Elsman return as well, even when we're otherwise disagreeing.
  6. Forum software update

    Thanks, Shmuel. I've enabled those settings. I had not noticed that before.
  7. Amend postponement to a date certain

    It was postponed to a time too far and in my opinion can be taken up at the next meeting (assuming it is within a quarterly time interval of when it was postponed) without any motion to suspend the rules, but you must also follow whatever notice requirements you have. See http://www.robertsrules.com/interp_list.html#2006_8
  8. Amend postponement to a date certain

    So it wasn't postponed until your next meeting, but one further out than that?
  9. Forum software update

    I don't get the notifications by email, it's supposed to notify me the same way a quoted back response does, if I'm not mistaken. Either way there is no notification from the website itself and I'd prefer not to get them via email.
  10. Forum software update

    I double checked my notification settings and it's set to receive notifications of all replies in a topic I post in but that feature still isn't working, just so you know. In this thread, Mr. Goodwiller's reply didn't generate a notification http://robertsrules.forumflash.com/topic/30735-youth-league-board-member/ and in this thread Mr. Martin's reply didn't generate one http://robertsrules.forumflash.com/topic/30734-removing-write-in-votes/
  11. Youth League Board Member

    In addition to Mr. Honemann's comments, one rule from RONR to keep in mind as it might be applicable to your group: "If the bylaws require the election of officers to be by ballot and there is only one nominee for an office, the ballot must nevertheless be taken for that office unless the bylaws provide for an exception in such a case. In the absence of the latter provision, members still have the right, on the ballot, to cast "write-in votes" for other eligible persons." RONR (11th ed.), pp. 441-442
  12. Removing Write-In Votes

    Yes. How your group's bylaws need to be compliant in requisite areas with your parent organization's bylaws isn't something we can know, but your organization just can't stop allowing write-ins without amending the bylaws. Perhaps it's best to consult with parent organization prior to making any change in your bylaws.
  13. Removing Write-In Votes

    In my opinion the bylaws would have to be amended to prohibit write-in votes.
  14. can a member of an association be banned / barred

    Can we start here? So any member can just walk in and say I'm on this committee? There's no appointment process (for example - either by the President or the membership)?
  15. Emergency

    Without a quorum you can't do anything. Does is really say a quorum is five members or are you interpreting the wording of the quorum requirement to come up with the number 5?