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  1. Motions and Names

    "The name of the maker of a main motion should be entered in the minutes, but the name of the seconder should not be entered unless ordered by the assembly. " RONR (11th ed.), p. 470
  2. See §63. INVESTIGATION AND TRIAL, beginning on p. 654 of RONR (11th ed.). It's much too much to summarize here.
  3. "An individual member may not prefer charges, even if that member has proof of an officer's or member's wrongdoing. " RONR (11th ed.), p. 657. He can, in a properly called meeting of the membership move for a confidential investigation by a committee, but he cannot demand that such a committee be formed.
  4. Entering a motion to remove president

    Yes, I think you're right. I was just responding to the one blanket statement Mr. Novosielski was making.
  5. by law amendment and size of change

    " A motion to rescind or amend provisions of a constitution or bylaws is subject to the requirements for amendment as contained in the constitution or bylaws (see 56, 57). If the bylaws or governing instrument contains no provision relating to amendment, a motion to rescind or amend applied to a constitution or to bylaws is subject to the same voting requirement as to rescind or amend special rules of order—that is, it requires (a) previous notice as described above and a two-thirds vote or (b) a vote of a majority of the entire membership. " RONR 11th ed., p. 307
  6. Entering a motion to remove president

    That's not quite correct. "Special meetings can properly be called only (a) as authorized in the bylaws (see p. 576); or (b) when authorized by the assembly itself, as part of formal disciplinary procedures, for purposes of conducting a trial and determining a punishment (see footnote, p. 661)" RONR (11th ed.), p. 92.
  7. by law amendment and size of change

    Any change will require whatever notice and vote is required by the bylaws for their amendment. The size of the change is irrelevant.
  8. How to start a special meeting

    He should not make it himself. He can solicit it, but better yet, in advance of the meeting ask someone who is going to be there, and who favors it to make it. Nothing wrong with a little pre-planning here.
  9. How to start a special meeting

    Someone needs to make the motion, yes.
  10. Interrupt Voting Process

    "INTERRUPTION OF VOTES. Interruptions during the taking of a vote are permitted only before any member has actually voted, unless, as sometimes occurs in ballot voting, other business is being transacted during voting or tabulating. For points of order regarding the conduct of a vote, see below and pages 250–51. " RONR (11th ed.), p. 408
  11. Lifetime Membership

    If that type of membership is no longer a part of the bylaws, then the society has no such members.
  12. Town Meeting

    Just a couple of extra things: 1) "The simple rising vote (in which the number of members voting on each side is not counted) is used principally in cases where a voice vote has been taken with an inconclusive result, and as the normal method of voting on motions requiring a two-thirds vote for adoption (see Chair's Announcement of the Voting Result, etc., below). " RONR (11th ed.), p. 46 The members need to make sure the chair starts taking a rising vote routinely for motions requiring a 2/3 vote. 2) Your members seem to let the chair get away with quite a bit (considering 7 seemed to question his actions and letting him adjourn the meeting abruptly). That needs to end as well.
  13. Abstention

    Sadly, his fellow board members will probably be scratching their heads. They should all view the FAQs
  14. Abstention

    No, but the motion to Lay on the Table is not a proper motion if you're just wanting to delay this motion until the next meeting. See http://www.robertsrules.com/faq.html#12 and FAQ#13 which immediately follows it.
  15. Abstention

    So what have you decided to do?