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  1. Approval of minutes with no changes

    Thanks. It took some work.
  2. Can a board be elected w/o a vote?

    CatsterB, do the bylaws require a ballot vote? (Might not matter much, but maybe)
  3. Approval of minutes with no changes

    Jerry Havens, these guys have got it cockeyed (or haywire, I forget which is which). If you only vote if there are corrections to vote on, and there are no corrections to vote on, then you can't vote (Q. E. D., eh Doc?), and if you can't vote, obviously there is no way you can accept the minutes. (These college graduates talk themselves into knots.) The minutes have to be kept into abeyance until someone can find an error to correct. It's never hard, nothing's perfect. For example, my biker club wanted to buy dancing shoes for our school booster-club uniforms, and we were 45 minutes hunting the next meeting for a correction, when triumphantly someone proclaimed that the minutes claimed that the motion to buy teal shoes had been amended to "chartreuse," but the proposed amendment had failed, which was a relief because we could then vote to correct the minutes and because now nobody had to find out what either word means. See? Not so complicated after all.
  4. Non-voting members

    O Richard, our first quarrel. O Dan, our second first quarrel. "-Apse, upse; apse unguent, apse unguentine.-" (I ahve now cleared this stuff up.)
  5. A vote without a quorum, when is it in effect?

    John-Jack, please consider that I suggest, strongly, that you pick up, at once (really. No food until then. -- unless say you're a diabetic -- but no kidding, get it at once) your copy or RONR - In Brief. And then read it at once. If you get your copy at an independent bookstore, which I recommend, since capitalism has its drawbacks but the current available alternative is Bezos-esque neo-quasi-syndicalism; or, if you must, at any chain store; read it then and there, stepping aside at the cash register (is that what they're called anymore?) so that the other customers in line to buy their own copies of RONR-In Brief are not delayed; -- or, should you desire to make sure that Jeff Bezos stays the richest person on Earth since Gates that clot didn't have enough, go ahead and buy it on Amazon; but then, similarly, you stand there at your doorstep and read it then and there. You can let the delivery person go -- he or she doesn't have to stand there for the hour or so it'll take you to read it (unless you're a college graduate, in which case -sigh- you'll be standing there on the stoop until your feet ossify) -- although come to think if it, you might have had the foresight, and the courtesy, to buy more than one copy, so the two of you can stand there companionably reading until you two are done and you can offer him a collegial good-bye (unless he's a college graduate, in which case he'll still be there maybe on page 12 when you leave for the day, stepping delicately around him). [Nuts, last posts are last Saturday and Novosielski's catch-ups. Musta wasted my effort. Who's gonna read all that arduously-crafted tinkle now. Coulda watched Walking Dead reruns at a bar with the 2FP]
  6. Hey. Nice. (I appreciate when someone speaks up for civil, civilized civilization. We don't see it often.)
  7. Non-voting members

    And some of us vociferously and vehemently do not.
  8. Treasurers Authority

    OK, starting from scratch. IF you please, what's wrong with Transpower's first sentence? (Is it that the absence of a quorum does not invalidate that the meeting was held?)
  9. Treasurers Authority

    [Never mind about this. How do ya delete a mis-quote box?] Pfui. I'm going to see if I can just post the putrid congeries and then just delete it.
  10. Committee Chair

    My book isn't handy, but couldn't a special meeting approve them? BTW , Mr Bruno: since this discussion thread is titled "Committee Chair," are we talking about a committee? If so, there are differences.
  11. Changing Bylaws to add co-chair

    No thanks. That stuff is comin out my ears 20 ears now. (Though of course John told it charmingly. I liked the understated blank verse.)
  12. Casper

    If the original motion had been, "to purchase five trucks, and oh yeah, to purchase five trucks," the proposal to divide might have a case. (He could move to amend. Same majority vote, less question of his sanity.)
  13. Changing Bylaws to add co-chair

    Is that legal?
  14. Board of Directors selection

    Yukh. Guest BobM, we are all over the place. Partly that is, I think, because your Initial Post (abbreviate IP, if I ever again get the chance) suggested that these advisors, mentors, panjandrumi, and dancing girls, are members of the board of directors; but nothing else explicitly stated -- particularly the paragraph you quoted (in your post that began "Let me copy and paste the entire paragraph: ") that all these folks are actually members of the board. I think its signal that the third quoted sentence (beginning "In addition there may be ") can be interpreted either way -- that they are members of the board, or that they are not. Either way, it seems to me that we have not addressed your initial question ("Would it be advisable"). Mr Brown hazarded a plaintive stab in his first reply. But I think it falls short, because it basically means, "whatever works for you," which does not answer your question, which is, "may I have some advice as to what would work best for us?" (Boy, I'm glad I didn't try to answer it. I'd be so embarrassed. I'd maybe wonder if maybe I would be better off as a college graduate. But then I'd be even more embarrassed.)
  15. It's sometimes customary. It's certainly not mandatory: you can't force anyone to make a speech fulsomely praising himself (I say "himself," I presume most sensible women would be circumspect). Nominations are debatable..