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    I'm interested in finding out how to set "status". I'm also interested in advising everybody not to post their birthdate, because it just makes it easier for criminals .

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  1. Man, I love these long threads. Man, I love typing at four in the morning. Man, I'm so relieved that Mr Honemann is still asleep. Man, I so tremble for whenever Shmuel wakes up. He can be such a grump sometimes.
  2. (LoganLady, kindly disregard all this internecine squabbling. Me and Cad goes back a ways.)
  3. Post-mortem? you gonna kill us? What the hell kinda aspiring parliamentarian do you take yourself for?
  4. OK, back to the beginning. (I concede I think Mr Awful Cad touched on this.) Who prevented the accused from voting? And how? (And, signally, when?) (Ooo, we finally again discussing parliamentary procedure! Somebody wake Mr Homebody up! -- or however you spell his name.) __________ N.B. I say "Awful" because I don't concede Sainthood. Contrarily, I do accept Her LoganLady's LoganLadyShip because, perforce, she is, and spectacularly, Her own, and exemplarily (did I mention "spectacularly"?) LoganLadyShip.
  5. Your jealousy (or envy, I'm not sure which is which) noted, you adorable sock-puppet-face you.
  6. Back to the beginning -- The motion did not pass. Whatever difference does the term of office make?
  7. I agree. Referring to a member as "a tiny little yippy-chihuahua type gal" is never to be tolerated. I don't think we do agree. This yippy-dog stuff is just someone's opinion, voiced outside of a meeting, and not even that of the president. I'm certainly going to tolerate it. And I think you would too if you took that damn frumpy tie off and let the grandchildren tickle you so you drop that frown. Your fan, Gary
  8. LoganLady, is this the bottom line? Is this how things stand now, with the organization? Either way, have you read RONR, 11th Edition, Chapter Twenty, yet? (Have you hit your head on a wall yet? I have. Not your head, mine. I have no idea what state or country your head is in. But for that matter, I have no idea what state my own head is in. (Perhaps I digress. (Wups, the INternet says Mr Honemann is going to spank me again. Let's go look.)
  9. Come on, LoganLady. However were the accused prevented from voting? What, the accusers said they can't, and everyone sat still for this? You all sexagenarians and octogenarians, and you sit still for this crap (I acknowledge that it can be painful to stand up) from these teenagers (40-y-o &c)?
  10. Going back a bit (I think last Sunday,,,) ... The presiding officer needs to know to nip this crap in the bud.
  11. Yes, of course. But you buried this fundamental point inside a lot of gunk, like the minutiae of Calling The Question, so I figured to tell this lovely Marine Corps lady to just start over. And, consequently, as I said, no disrespect. You wouldn't be the first gibbering idiot to post on the Robert's Rules Website Forum (I got here way before you did).
  12. No, no, no. Absolutely not. This would be fundamentally abandoning, by the chairwoman, her authority, and her duty, to conduct the meeting properly and efficiently. She does not need to ask them anything -- in the book or anywhere else. She conducts the meeting: efficiently, smoothly, fairly, honestly, democratically, &c. -- but, as the representative of the assembly, she is The Law. If they have a problem with what she says, they can raise a Point Of Order. Otherwise, shut up and sit still.
  13. O, and incidentally, there are parliamentary questions, if I can remember any of them.