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    I'm interested in finding out how to set "status". I'm also interested in advising everybody not to post their birthdate, because it just makes it easier for criminals .

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  1. (C'mon, I've been the Overnight Officer for this, The World's Premiere INternet Parliamentary Forum (soi disant, I confess, if only to give Tom something else to look up again) for maybe fifteen years now. So geez, Richard, get some sleap! (Rhymes with "sheap"))
  2. (Geez Richard, get some sleap!)
  3. Yes, it's nice to give a Canad some credit once in a while.
  4. ... So you can discuss everything about buying the building, unless the notice is more specific. JJ and I argue so much. I think he's a latent orthodontist. Or maybe a pervert. -- O wait, that's probably me.
  5. And I agree with Richard Brown! Is this getting tedious or what!
  6. As usual, for maybe fifteen years or so (except that then maybe Richard was six or twelve), I agree with RB and GMB III.
  7. bishop, you got Internet access yet? You reading us?
  8. Are these "yes"'s and "no"'s in agreement, or not?
  9. I don't think you do: I think you are thoroughly correct. Good work, Mr Ed. (... until I stand corrected.)
  10. Not bad. Except for the Canadian punctuation.
  11. Endearing to hear back from you. Shirley was the name of my best-loved aunt, who died about a year ago.
  12. "The Right Book" (Reg. Penna. Dept. Agr.) is Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised ("RONR"), currently the 11th Edition, which is not available over the Internet (unless you order a copy that way. I myslef prefer patronizing independent bookstores, Jeff Bezos is too damn rich already). Well worth the price (unless, obviously, you can't afford it). I recommend you start with RONR-In Brief *(Reg. Penna, Dept. Agr.), an excellent intro, and you can read it standing there at the independent bookstore's check-out counter (stepping considerately aside so that the other flocking customers can buy their copies). It'll take maybe an hour or two, or all afternoon if you're a college graduate or comparably disabled.
  13. It's embarrassing to be so paint-by-numbers in agreement with Richard Brown that I might come across as a fawning sycophantic lickspittle. Thank Heaven he's a Republican or something, so I can grasp desperately at the plaintive pathetic tatters of my self-respect. (In the early days of this, the World's Premiere Internet Parliamentary Website, there was a regular poster, Ian, who formed a mutual admiration society with me. Two members. I wrote the bylaws. GM III might remember those days. Of course, we were younger then. Josh and Shmuel were what, six? Three?)
  14. C'mon, Kristine, meet us halfway here. In the meantime, I'll offer that, when a substantive action (a "main motion") is being considered, there are a number of secondary motions that can be proposed, and dealt with, before dealing with the main motion. Among these would, indeed be a motion to change the threshold for adoption of the main motion from a pure, simple (dare I say, "chaste"?) majority to a 2/3 vote. (This might be covered in ROnR, Section 30, "Methods of Voting and the Straws," or something; but more likely it's Section 25, "Suspend the Rules.")