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Observation in minutes of meeting.

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Hello,good day ! Please my questions are as follows: Is it wrong if without the interval of reading the meeting minutes you did not remember a particular thing that was supposed to be included in the minutes,but remembered when  the minutes are already adopted,but made the observation during the meeting's general discussion? Please I ask this question because omissions were made in a minutes and while observation are being made,I could not remember,but remember it later and waited for the general discussion moment to remind the members that so and so ,as vital as they seem were not included in the minutes.However,I got a rebuff when somebody replied that because I did not remember it then,it is no longer necessary,even when all acknowledged the importance,but because it is a politics that is meant to benefit those who said is late,nobody welcomed it.Tell me please ways such mattes can be addressed and attentions brought to bear.Thank you.

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However, "observations", presumably debate or other comments about business, should not be in minutes AT ALL.  The minutes should include motions that were adopted, defeated, &c., none of the discussion. See RONR page 468ff. for more details.

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