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  2. Rules concerning the seating arrangements in the meeting room or area are not rules of parliamentary procedure, per se, since they do not directly pertain to the transaction of business during a meeting. They are to be classified as ordinary standing rules, which require a majority vote for adoption. See RONR (12th ed.) 2:23; t6-t7, motion 8.
  3. You may wish to take note of the following: "A special committee may not be appointed to perform a task that falls within the assigned function of an existing standing committee." RONR, 12th ed., 50:10 If your bylaws provide that your editorial board is in charge of approving all articles and publications in both of your publications, then I think what is said in 50:10 would be relevant, even although this is a board and not a standing committee.
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  5. The powers of your president in this regard will be found in your bylaws, not in Robert's Rules. If your bylaws are ambiguous in this regard, perhaps the principles of interpretation found in RONR, 12th ed., 56:68, may be of assistance.
  6. Our bylaws delineate standing committees in a separate chapter and list chairs, members, ex officio, etc. The president appoints all committee members that are not ex officio. We have an editorial board which has it's own chapter in the bylaws and is not included in our society committees section. The members of our editorial board are all ex officio members consisting of our two editors for our two publications and the treasurer. The two editors report to the BOD. The president wants to appoint additional members to the editoral board for additional oversight. However, the edi
  7. That sounds like a good solution, although the minutes should probably be signed by the actual secretary. It doesn't matter who took the notes and type the minutes, but it is the secretary who I believe should take responsibility for them, just as in any other situation where a subordinate prepares a report or letter to be signed by the "boss". Stay tuned, though, as someone else might have a different idea as to the best way to handle it.
  8. Anyone know when we might expect the release of the CD-Rom that is mentioned on the robertsrules website as coming early 2021?
  9. I'd like to thank all that responded. Your guidance was most helpful. We had an individual that was willing to be secretary but he felt, for his own reasons, that he would not be able to take the minutes. We ended up electing this person as secretary so to have that officer in place in event of possible need for things like where a secretary's signature was needed. We are in the process of appointing a resident volunteer to take the minutes.
  10. Yes, the second is a membership meeting with the homeowners. I’m familiar with Arizona case law with regard to the Open Meeting Law and the Arizona Attorney General’s Opinion with regard to OML. ARS 33-1804 requires that all meetings of the Board be noticed 48 hours in advance and that members be allowed to participate. Obviously they cannot participate in an executive session before the open meeting so they both have to be announced and the reason for the executive session must be identified by listing the specific exception to the open meetings allowed by law. I understand the Boar
  11. Then what did you find in them regarding the HOA Management Company's authority to email a Board meeting notice to the homeowners for a Board meeting to start at 5:15 pm. on June 22nd? Or anything concerning convening at 4:30 pm (prior to a public meeting) to have your attorney speak to the Board members in Executive Session? Or this business about the Board going into the Open Meeting and then going back into Executive Session?
  12. Thank you for your feedback Mr. Honemann. I’ve read all the governing documents. In Arizona, ARS 33-1804 Open Meeting law supersedes in some particular instances. I’m looking for procedural info.
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    Seating arrangements

    Was reading and was wondering what kind of vote (majority or 2/3) is needed for: I recommend that the board members who are members of the general assembly sit with the other members of the general membership. If the hall is not arranged this way when the meeting begins, the assembly can order the board members to vacate their places and take their seats with the other members. (From almost the last post)
  14. Also familiarize yourself with the website of the homeowners protection bureau www hopb.co (tells you lots you need to know) I would suggest you do goto the boardmeeting just to familiarize you with the other board members. Also it looks like 3 meetings. is the second meeting ( with the membership:) a public boardmeeting or a membership meeting? That are quite different meetings And also get at least one copy of RONR :)
  15. In the "new normal" of COVID-19, separate gavels may make some sense: his microbes are his, and my microbes are mine. 😷
  16. As a new Board member, what you need to do before worrying about the rules in RONR is to become thoroughly familiar with your Association's governing documents (bylaws, etc.) and applicable law. These take precedence over the rules in RONR, and the answers to many of your questions will be found there.
  17. I am a new Board Member for an HOA. What is the proper procedure to enter into Executive Session? The HOA Management Company emailed a Board meeting notice to the homeowners for a Board meeting to start at 5:15 pm. on June 22nd. The HOA Management Company sent a separate email to the HOA Board members that the Board President wants us to convene at 4:30 pm (prior to public meeting) to have the HOA attorney speak to the Board members in Executive Session. The Board will the go into the Open Meeting and again then go back into Executive Session. I just purchased a Roberts Rules boo
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    Issuing a gavel

    I like the idea of having a separate gavel for the vice president. (Just like regalia) but then which gavel should the vice president use at the different situations?
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    resignation during a vote

    I would suggest to err on the side of the status quo, given that the result was not known before the resignation and therefore can not been acted upon, first get the board in calmer waters and start again. It is a bit ruling over the grave.
  20. Yes, unless your bylaws provide otherwise. RONR (12th Ed.) §32, particularly sections 32:5 - 32:7.
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    resignation during a vote

    I didn't find anything in the bylaws about when resignations are effective. And nothing has been done to accept resignations. We thought they were effective when the person resigning said they were. You wrote "A resignation may be accepted by the body with the authority to fill the resulting vacancy." That would be our board. So does the board need to vote to accept a resignation?
  22. This is a nine year old thread on a different subject. Please ask you question by starting a new topic.
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    Seating Arrangement

    During a General Meeting. doesn't the Treasurer give a report?
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    Issuing a gavel

    I wonder what General Robert would have said had we informed him that he could not preside a meeting without a gavel.
  25. This is one of the many problems with email voting and why it should not be used except in true emergencies or for the most mundane of matters. RONR provides no answers to self-made situations like this. It should not be used for controversial or contentious matters because of problems just like the one described in this thread.
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  27. My own view is that presiding officers use their gavels far too much, so it's probably best if you don't issue anyone a gavel. Setting that aside, however, it is ultimately up to the society to determine whether to issue the President, the Vice President, both, or neither a gavel. RONR has no rule on this matter. I suppose it might be viewed by some as "undermining" the President's authority to issue the Vice President a gavel. I imagine the President's rationale, however, is that is simply a matter of convenience - if both the President and Vice President are issued gavels, then the Vic
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