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  2. It is not in Santa Fe 😊 It is not an emergency. The special business meeting will take place at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During the regular business meeting for the membership last June, the members voted to have a special business meeting to cover at least 40 pages of bylaw amendments, mostly grammar corrections proposed by one member. This took place because the business meeting of the Louisiana Association of the Deaf ran out of time. The bylaws were revised, not amended, in 2017 by an attorney and the membership approved them. There are only 200 members within the whole state of Louisiana and to meet the quorum, there must be at least 25% of the total membership present. Some reasons why - a 40th anniversary alumni reunion, and a couple of other events happening at the same time. Also, die hard fans of LSU football who don't want to miss the game. So, no, they are not emergencies and I am not sure if they will meet quorum. The meeting is from 9 AM to 6 PM with one hour lunch.
  3. Correct; a (fake) motion to "suspend", or the corrected "postpone", could ONLY be made in a meeting, when the item to be postponed was pending - or was known to be coming up at the meeting (that latter "postpone" would be an "incidental main motion". Let's not go there.) Some orgs allow the president or the board (or someone) to reschedule an entire meeting for "emergency" reasons before that meeting time comes around, but that power must be in the bylaws. What kind of "emergencies" do you have in Santa Fe?
  4. Yes, there is no motion to “suspend” a meeting, nor is there a motion to “postpone” a meeting. The correct motions for the member to accomplish his objective are the motions to Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn and to Adjourn.
  5. These seem like legal issues, not parliamentary ones, and are therefore beyond the scope of RONR and this forum. I suggest consulting an attorney. It may also be prudent for the association to adopt rules governing these matters.
  6. Here we go again, In my original discussion, the member asked if he could make a motion to suspend the meeting. What we discussed was totally understood. Now, the same member sent me another email saying that "suspend" was the wrong word. It should be "postpone". I believe it is the same thing. You cannot make a motion to postpone a special meeting to take place in two or three months. You still need "fix the time" then "adjourn". Am I correct?
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    Treasure responsibility

    I belong to a nonprofit Country Law Enforcement Association. Our Treasure has sole access and control over our checking and saving. He holds the one and only credit card. He refused a request from the President to get one additional card for the President only. Is this illegal and can you get an audit request with out giving your name. Very concerned! A lot more issues I feel may be illegal.
  8. If certain standing committees are defined in the bylaws (which is generally the case), then no further standing committees may be created except by amending the bylaws, unless the bylaws provide otherwise. The assembly could, however, create a special committee.
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  10. If the board now chooses not to hire a parliamentarian to provide advice on this matter, then I suppose no parliamentarian will be hired. The membership could provide instructions to the board, but presumably the membership will not meet soon enough to do this. I would note that the ultimate authority to interpret the bylaws rests with the society itself. In the interim, the board (and the election committee, if your rules give that committee a role in this) will need to interpret the rules as best as it can. Yes, but it is doubtful this can be done in time to help with the current situation.
  11. Assuming the bylaws do not require a ballot vote, what happened was entirely proper. I would note that so far as RONR is concerned, the assembly is free to reopen nominations, by majority vote.
  12. The rule you describe is not found in RONR, and a subordinate board may not adopt a rule of this nature as it conflicts with the parliamentary authority. The society could adopt such a rule. The board may also choose to postpone particular items on a case by case basis. The motion to postpone is debatable and amendable and requires a majority vote for adoption.
  13. Check your bylaws for disciplinary or removal procedures, or if they are silent, see Ch. XX of RONR.
  14. Thank you George, that is a good option.
  15. Consider reopening nominations (it takes a majority vote) and perhaps a compromise candidate can be found. But keep voting until someone receives a majority of the votes cast.
  16. I could use some help on what can/should be done when there is a repeated tie for an election of an officer. 8 member board that votes 4-4 repeatedly by ballot. Neither nominee wishes to withdraw. Any suggestions?
  17. Are you referring to the National PTA or a state/local unit?
  18. The bylaws could be amended to remove any ambiguity.
  19. Generally there could nominations from the floor and write in ballots.
  20. This is for a PTA Executive Board formed by the rules of the National PTA Bylaws The other committees, Nutrition, Charity, Events, Marketing, Hospitality & Communications, Music and Literacy were all out of necessity. The committee I want to propose is a critical necessity.
  21. Can you please inform us how the other committees of the board were created?
  22. Mr. Elsman answered your question here https://robertsrules.forumflash.com/topic/34347-voting-on-motions/
  23. Except for motions that require previous notice, no rule in RONR prohibits voting on a motion at the same meeting at which it is made.
  24. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the society to elect officers who know of, and are committed to, the rules of the society, including the rules of order.
  25. I inherited a board who insist that items for the agenda must be introduced at one meeting and only discussed and voted on at the next meeting. Is this true according to Robert's Rules of Order? This really slows down needed repairs to our condo association.
  26. We have a motion that the Board voted unanimously on for the election committee to hire a parliamentarian to determine whether a member was eligible to run since there was a disagreement on the reading of the Bylaws on eligibility. The agreement by the Board was for both sides to send their documentation to the committee and the committee would handle sending it to the parliamentarian for an opinion. The problem came when one side presented their documentation and some on the Board considered it "unfair." It was in fact a different parliamentarian's opinion supporting that person's side on the eligibility debate. At this time the committee and now a faction of the Board are refusing to follow through with the original motion since this documentation does not include what they expected it to. What can you do if you do not have a majority vote to require completion of the motion after the original motion passed? Is there anything that can be done? The problem is that the time for nominations is quickly coming to a close and now multiple members are being denied eligibility based on the committee's interpretation of the Bylaws. The Board is basically split 6 to 5.
  27. What is the criteria for a new committee within an existing board to be recognized with standing status?
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