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  2. I'd think so, but since it is not listed as one of the business items that may be conducted without a quorum, I think I agree with Mr. Novosielski. The fact that adjourn is listed tells me it's meant to be exhaustive.
  3. There could be debate over whether to schedule an adjourned meeting. Wouldn't an elected chair pro tem have more legitimacy in such an event?
  4. or even "with unalloyed joy" in some special cases.
  5. Yes, I have seen, and in some cases have moved, an amendment to acceptance of a resignation, by inserting the words "with regret" after the word "accepted".
  6. As Mr. Martin pointed out, there are ways that a motion disposed of at one meeting can again be brought before the assembly at the following meeting. I would point out that, as long as there was a quorum present at the first meeting, any motions that passed were in full force as soon as they were adopted. If a motion was carried out in the interim before the next meeting, and there is no reason why it should not be, then a motion to Rescind or Amend it is not in order. For example, if a motion was adopted to have the sticker-bushes behind the clubhouse removed, and a gardener is hired to dig up the bushes, and the job is done before the next meeting, members who were absent from the meeting have no right to complain that the bushes were removed without their approval. In general, decisions are made by those who show up, and the fact that some members didn't, and therefore had no vote, is a poor reason to consider the matter again. That is why the motions to Rescind or Amend Something Previously Adopted have a higher vote threshold than simply adopting something in the first place.
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  8. The secretary submits his resignation and a member moves "that the secretary's resignation be accepted." While this motion is pending, a member moves "that the pending motion be amended by adding "with sincere thanks for a job well done over the past two years." I can think of quite a number of other illustrations, but one should be enough.
  9. Yes, the elections could be by unanimous consent, especially if the choice is expected not to be controversial. In my opinion, a quorum is required to elect a chair pro tem and secretary pro tem. If there is no quorum, and no prospect of obtaining one, the member calling the meeting to order should note the absence of a quorum and declare the meeting adjourned. Since no secretary was present, the member calling the meeting to order should supply a draft of the (brief) minutes of the meeting to the regular secretary.
  10. At our next meeting, the president, Vice President, and secretary will not be present. RONR says: "If neither the president nor any vice-president is present, the secretary—or in the secretary's absence some other member—should call the meeting to order, and the assembly should immediately elect a chairman pro tem to preside during that session. Such office is terminated by the entrance of the president or a vice-president, or by the adoption of a motion to "declare the chair vacant and proceed to elect a new chairman" (see pp. 651–52)." (Page 453) Our plan is to have some member call the meeting to order and chair the election of a chair pro tem. Then, the newly elected chair pro tem will chair the election of a secretary pro tem. Can these elections be by unanimous consent? Is a quorum necessary to elect a chair pro tem and a secretary pro tem for just that meeting?
  11. I've not seen it in real life, either, but allow me to try: Our rules stipulate the Financial Secretary will provide monthly reports to the Trustees Board. In real life, there's no need for such frequent reports. If the Financial Secretary requests to be excused from that duty, but the Trustees Board would like at least to have quarterly reports, perhaps they could amend her request in that way?
  12. Can someone post a real life example of a proper amendment to the motion to grant a member's request to be excused from a duty? I've just never seen it real life.
  13. A resignation is a voluntary act. If a member submits a resignation with an effective date in the future, the assembly cannot instead decide to accept the resignation and have it take effect immediately, because the member has not offered to resign immediately. Since this would no longer be a voluntary act, it would be a removal rather than a resignation, and must comply with the society’s rules concerning removal, or if there no such rules, with the rules in RONR concerning removal.
  14. I covered this in my answer earlier -- but obviously not clearly enough. Yes, someone can ask for a paper ballot before any name is put forward for election. Same rules: the motion requires a second and a majority vote to be adopted. In fact, someone could make a motion at the beginning of the elections that all votes be done by ballot for all positions. That would avoid having to make a separate motion for each election. Again, that motion would require a second and a majority vote to be adopted. Please familiarize yourself with Section 30 before the elections. I think you will find it very helpful.
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    Voting Viva Voce

    I have had another question pop up. Can someone ask for a paper ballot before anyone stands for election? In that instance would it have to be voted on to have the paper ballot? Sorry for so many questions.
  16. Yes, a motion to grant a member's request to be excused from a duty may be amended by the assembly in various ways, but not in such a way as to change the request itself into something which it was not. It seems to me that this is just a matter of plain old common sense. I suppose that a member who has made such a request could, while the motion to grant it was pending, ask leave to modify his request in some fashion, but that is also another kettle of seafood.
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    Voting Viva Voce

    Thank you!
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    Voting Viva Voce

    I would think so. It would of course be far more expeditious to default to RONR's acclamation ("Candidate X is elected.") However, your bylaws appear to mandate a vote of some sort by referring to "the vote," although this is ultimately a matter for your society to decide.
  19. p 290 Standard Characteristic 6 states a Request to be Excused from a Duty is amendable so why can't the assembly amend the effective date?
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    Voting Viva Voce

    So if I understand correctly - if only one person stands, and someone asks for a paper ballot. There would be a motion for a paper ballot, it must have a 2nd and voted. A a majority vote would then allow for a paper ballot, but if the majority vote would fail, the vote would then fall to the viva voce vote? Again, I just want to be clear and sorry for my ignorance.
  21. First, please note that this thread will likely be moved to the General Discussion forum. This particular forum is for questions regarding the RONR Message Board itself. As to your question, the answer is yes. The specifics depends on what happened to the motion at the previous board meeting. If it was defeated, it may simply be made anew. If it was adopted, a member would need to make a motion to Rescind or to Amend Something Previously Adopted, which requires a 2/3 vote, a vote of a majority of the entire membership (of the board), or a majority vote with previous notice.
  22. Can a motion from previous board meeting be brought up and voted on at the next board meeting because a few members weren't at previous meeting to vote on it.
  23. Since the bylaws provide that the vote may be by voice if there is only one candidate, the assembly does not need to allow for a ballot in such cases, but the assembly may do so if it wishes, and there is no need to suspend any rules. The rule states that the vote may be by voice. It therefore does not prohibit a ballot vote, so a majority vote is sufficient to order that a ballot vote be taken (rather than the 2/3 vote required to suspend the rules).
  24. Clearly, this is a red-letter day to be commemorated in the months and years to come!
  25. Your organization will have to decide for itself the meaning of its bylaw provisions relating to this question. There is nothing in RONR which prohibits a member from holding two positions on a board (although he will only be entitled to one vote, not two). As best I can determine, nothing in what you have quoted from your bylaws prohibits your newly elected president from retaining his position as a member of the board, but my opinion in this regard is of no real consequence. (In other words, I agree with Dr. Stackpole.) If your newly elected president resigns his office as a director, the resultant vacancy should be filled in whatever manner your bylaws provide for filling such vacancies. If they contain no such provision, the vacancy should be filled by whatever body elected him to that office in the first place.
  26. Parsing your bylaw statement (which is really up to your association to do, but since you asked...) as best I can, my first question is "What vacancy?" There is nothing in RONR that prevents a person from holding two positions. Near as I can tell, your current (newly elected) president is also holding down a board position which, I take it, was not an expiring term/position and he/she did not resign that board position when elected president. The board now has as many members as there are positions.
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    Our bylaws state: " no person may be a candidate for more than one position. A nominee on the elections committee’s slate is eligible only for election to the position to which the committee has nominated that nominee" A member of the board (director) was nominated for President and elected, but did not step down as a director, and the proposed slate contained only enough directors to fill expiring terms of others. There were no additional nominees and the slate was elected by acclimation. After the election, a notice for a special board meeting was sent to the membership informing that the "newly elected" board would hold a special meeting to appoint a director to fill his vacated position. Is this the correct method for handling?
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