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Found 4 results

  1. RockfordRebel

    Misappropriated Money

    If a person on a residential council takes council money and uses it for personal use, what is the standard used to pay back the money ?
  2. The by-laws of our small nonprofit corporation permit us to give money to families in the community during emergencies. The money must be spent on education related items, such as school supplies or school clothes. Robert's Rules of Order (p 120) states " Every treasurer should be careful to get a receipt whenever he makes a payment." This has been interpreted by some of our members to get receipts even when we are donating money to someone in need. Others believe that it is tacky to ask a family (as in our most recent donation) whose house has burned to the ground, to give us receipts showing how they spent the money ($200) that we gave them, and that Robert's Rules require receipts for payments, but not for donations. We consulted an online legal dictionary and found these definitions: PAYMENT: That which is given to execute what has been promised; or it is the fulfillment of a promise. But though this is the general acceptation of the word, yet by payment is understood, every way by which the creditor is satisfied or ought to be, and the debtor, liberated for example, an accord and satisfaction will operate as a payment. DONATION: The act by which the owner of a thing, voluntarily transfers the title and possession of the same, from himself to another person, without any consideration; a gift. We are in the process of rewriting our by-laws and cannot get beyond this sticky point. Question: Does Robert's Rules require that we get receipts (after purchases are made) for expenditures made with money that we donate?
  3. The Executive Committee is responsible for "control of funds and management of all financial matters." Organization has a paid Executive Director. Can the President, who is an elected volunteer, contact an attorney and/or parliamentarian on her own without authorization from the Executive Committee and incur expenses for the organization? So far these expenses total several thousand dollars and were not budgeted for.
  4. We are on gated community run by Roberts Rules. We are developing a policy for the preparation of a new fiscal budget that the finance committee must follow. Some are saying that our secretary/treasurer MUST BE a member of the finance committee according to Roberts Rules. Others are saying that "she partners with the committee to provide data, numbers and any other financial information they need. We would like to know which is correct. Does she HAVE TO BE a member or does she PARTNER WITH the committee to provide the required and asked for information. Does she help prepare the budget or simply provide the information? Thanks