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Found 3 results

  1. At an upcoming convention, our bylaws revision committee will make a motion to adopt a series of bylaws amendments seriatim. The amendments in the package will be a large number of individual bylaws amendments which address numerous subjects. Among the amendments is one that adds an Article to the bylaws. There are two others that then reference that Article. If a motion is made to amend to strike from the package the amendment that adds the Article, what happens to the other two amendments? Do they also need a motion to be stricken or are they automatically invalid?
  2. What kinds of technicalities are applicable to a preamble when considering by paragraph or seriatim. This is briefly addresed in Robert's Rules pages 278-279 but it does not give specifics. Are there any details I am missing?
  3. parkourninja

    Dividing Question into 3 Parts

    If a question is capable of standing as three separate parts, can one motion to divide the question divide it into 3 parts or only 2? Slightly related, if a resolution is being considered by paragraph and the previous question is moved and adopted, does it force a vote on the entire resolution as a whole at that point?