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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Suspension of rules

    Our bylaws have a restriction of not accepting nominees on election night. On election night one more popular candidate became available. I made a motion that "the bylaw which excludes nominations on election night be suspended". The motion carried almost unanimously. Now a member is questioning the ability to temporary suspend this bylaw item. Did I do wrong? BTW, the candidate in question lost. And last year I attempted to delete that bylaw restriction, but it got lost in procedure.
  2. Can the Chair suspend an adopted motion that may violate the bylaws? The motion that was adopted may or may not be a "policy statement." Until the definition of a policy statement is determined, the Chair would like to suspend the decision and any action. The Board meeting via conference call was Thursday night, so it is too late to reconsider the motion. Our bylaws state that a unanimous decision is required for policy statements. While there was a clear majority, this was not a unanimous decision. Without getting too specific, the motion reads, "I move that the (named org) join the (another org.) in support of House bill __ and Senate bill ___." A Board member read a definition and it made it sound like it was not a policy statement. Another definition did make it sound like a policy statement, but the Board did not vote on which definition to use. Is there a definition for policy statement that is commonly accepted and what is the source? If this is in violation of the bylaws, what do we need to do to rescind or void this motion? Thank you!
  3. Guest

    suspension of a bylaw

    Our church has by-laws that dictate the number of members per committee. Due to the decrease in our church size, it is being proposed that we suspend the by-laws that govern the types of committees and their sizes in order to try a different structure with fewer members. Is this suspension allowed inder RROO?
  4. A board was given new information about a motion adopted two weeks earlier. This motion was adopted at that meeting after being reconsidered. In the current meeting they moved to suspend the rules related to the motion to reconsider so they could reconsider the two weeks old motion. (I know, they should have used rescind, but their advisor [not me] told them they had to move to reconsider.) Their special rules allow them to "waive" their rules by a 4/5 vote. The vote to suspend the rules was unanimous. Can all the rules of reconsider be suspended at one time? If they are suspended, does that still apply to the listed motions that are out of order?
  5. Guest

    Deviating from bylaws

    Is it ever permissible to deviate from by law provisions without a vote to suspend the rules?
  6. It has been suggested by someone that to promote unity in a church for a controversial upcoming vote that someone make a motion to suspend the rules to increase the majority to 80% for the motion to pass. It would take a two thirds vote to suspend the rules, but is that an appropriate use of that type of motion?
  7. Hello, I have searched for the answer to my question and have come up empty handed. I am curious if the Chairman of a Representative Assembly has the right to revoke an elected representative member's voting rights? Are there certain circumstances where the Chair would be allowed to revoke voting rights? Currently, the issue I am having is with my peers using their personal/private social networking pages and expressing their opinions of other members (not by name or in an insulting fashion), and subsequently our Chairman is threatening to revoke voting rights and even pressuring members to resign. This does not seem possible, but I would appreciate an interpretation. Thank you!