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  1. Thank you so much. FYI: Yes I was trying to log in with my email
  2. I totally agree Zev. In hindsight there are many things in our bylaws that need to be amended
  3. I don’t think I am rejecting cookies. The same thing happens on my phone,, iPad and laptoplaptop .
  4. Thanks Gary and to everyone who shard their knowledge .
  5. Section 2. Members Membership in the HOMQ shall be obtained by written application and the payment of the appropriate dues. The member’s completed application form shall be kept on file. Dues shall not be refundable. Members in good standing shall be eligible to vote. If a member’s dues are delinquent, the member’s status shall become inactive, and said member shall have no voting privileges. A member’s active status shall be reinstated upon application and payment of current dues. No person shall be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, or handicap.
  6. Actually...it is. We are a small quilt guild and until the last 2 years we didn't even have 'business' meetings at our regular meetings...just a quick report or two. We are only required to have board meting twice a year. Until this member that is trying to dissolve us came in no had even brought up Roberts Rule of Order. Our ballots have been for election of officers, pass a budget, bylaw amendment's, to have a quilt show etc. Usually we are just meeting so have a quilting program or sew for some charity project
  7. Every time I come to the forum or get timed out I am not able to log in without resetting my password. I set it to the same password each time and it says it is strong but wont retain it for next time. any suggestions?
  8. Thanks Josh. This is not going to work for them so I don't wee this will happen. There will be a new board and the voting will not be finished until after the new year (July 1st). They will not have control of what happens to our treasury. They are leaving the guild as of June 30...they just want to take our money with them. I don't expect to be done with them yet...just trying to stay ahead of what they may try next. Also: Does the guild have any options to keep them from rejoining next year if they try to?
  9. Sorry for asking the question outside of the purpose of this forum. I have never seen such a thing as what was in this ballot and can't imagine anyone seeing this as fair...moving on, Yes our bylaws do allow voting by mail and email. Section 2. Voting by the general membership shall be by ballot. Each member in good standing with paid dues will be entitled to one vote. Votes may be solicited and submitted in person at a meeting, electronically via email, website or by mail. All ballots will be distributed thirty (30) days before the vote is taken. Voting instructions shall be included with the ballot, and failure to comply with the instructions shall render the ballot invalid. All votes submitted as directed on ballot will determine a quorum. The item voted on passes with a simple majority. Voting deadlines must follow any meeting in which the issues were discussed by at least seven (7) days. The idea is to allow 30 for the voting process. You get a ballot, you have 30 days to turn it in. This is to allow everyone the opportunity to learn all the details and plenty of time to make an informed decision. The ballot deadline also can not be within 7 days of a meeting that the issue was discussed so that anyone not at that meeting would have time to learn what happened before voting.
  10. there was no written petition request. They just popped up at the meeting and made a motion that a ballot go out to dissolve the guild. They said they needed 10% of the membership to agree and passed out scraps of paper to vote yes or no. Since they got more than 10% they started passing out the ballots and that night mailed them to all members. The part 2 of the ballot was to allow them to keep control of the process IF it was passed to dissolve. The 3 part was so they can control where the money in our treasury would go. July 1st starts a new FY and new officers. Even if it is NOT something in RONR, as intelligent aspiring parliamentarians you have knowledge of what is considered Fair and Reasonable. Look at the first item on that ballot asking for a yes or no on whether to dissolve the guild 'now'. In your own personal view do you agree that this totally biased toward getting a yes vote. Have you ever seen a ballot where an argument to persuade a particular vote is included in the question?? And just an FYI, I had a PowerPoint presentation at the special meeting to discuss all of this totally disproving their claims about Financial issues. It did nothing to change their minds because they want the money in our bank account.
  11. We have 40 members ... I was guessing at the number of the people at the meeting. Approx 20 and 12 people signed the scrap of paper that was distributed voting yes, there should be a vote to dissolve. Does that constitute 'written request'? or does 'A majority of members at a general meeting are not empowered to cause an amendment ballot to be sent under your article. ' And again.. at a special meeting after this to discuss this issue a Point of Order was called and went unchallenged staying the ballot was null and void. Can they have any argument now to try to get the ballot bake in? (short of getting a lawyer?) The president sent out notice to everyone that the ballot was ruled null and void.
  12. Also I found this in your forum from 2015. - I think it still holds valid for my argument Question I found this section in the 4th edition. Is it still valid in the 11th edition? Is so please cite the Chapter and Page. Many thanks. Nancy 47. Votes that are Null and Void even if Unanimous. No motion is in order that conflicts with the laws of the nation, or state, or with the assembly's constitution or by-laws, and if such a motion is adopted, even by a unanimous vote, it is null and void. Answer RONR/11th Ed. pp. 110 & p. 343. Note the (relatively substantial) difference: Your 4th Ed. cite refers to "the laws of the nation" &c.; The 11th refers to procedural rules in the laws
  13. Amendments to the bylaw provision: ARTICLE XV – AMENDMENTS TO BYLAWS Section 1. After approval by a majority of the Board or by written request of ten percent (10%) of the membership, proposed amendments shall be distributed to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting or scheduled vote. Section 2. Members shall vote by ballot. Voting instructions shall be included with the ballot and failure to comply with the instructions shall render the ballot invalid. Adoption of changes is by two-thirds (2/3) of the members voting. So it does not say anything about notice, nor how/when the ballots will be prepared. Does RONR say anything about this? Something about Fair and Reasonable maybe?
  14. Thanks everyone. I didn't realize the ballot file was too big and did not upload...I will try that again. Does Roberts Rule of order not say anything about contents of a ballot? and can I go back a step and take out about the lawyer. I realize that is a different ballgame and that may or may not even happen. I am trying to determine what when right and what went wrong here, or how this could even happen. It does not seem like a few disgruntled members can come in a meting without notice of their plan and before the night is over have there is a ballot to Dissolve the guild and the money designated to other groups they are part of. I will go find then post the bylaw section requested Thank you ballot.pdf
  15. Hello Our bylaws state (under Duties of the CEO) The CEO shall appoint chairpersons of the standing committees and (under the section on Committees) states 1. Standing committees shall consist of .... 2. Special committees shall be appointed by the CEO for special purposes and shall be designated Ad Hoc. My questions are 1. Who do the standing committees report to, the board or the membership? 2. Does the CEO have the authority to appoint and assign a task to establish a special committee? Thanks! katy
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