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  1. I seem to recall that the Editor of a society's monthly publication acts independently. He/she should be free of interference from he President of the organization who make try making "suggestions", corrections or approving what material may or may not be included. Does my memory serve me well?
  2. Our organization of +/- 400members has a Board of Directors of 15 members which meets monthly. Each month the Treasurer submits a report. Our Bylaws say nothing about the privacy of the Treasurer's report or monthly committee reports. It has been learned that an ex-treasurer has been provided with current reports. That person is an active member of the organization, but no longer an officer (director). Is this "legal?
  3. Our organization's bylaws provide for a nominating committee to consist of five people to be selected at the beginning of the new fiscal year. That is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Under normal circumstances it is usually not difficult to fill those five positions (the president obviously cannot serve on that committee). At the moment our board has been reduced in size due to resignations and turnover. Members are required to have served on the board for at least one year before serving on that committee. We have exactly five members who qualify, and not all five agree to serve on that co
  4. At the current time our board consists of 11 directors. We had a vote by ballot to remove our treasurer from the board. One person failed to vote, and the vote by ten people was a tie, five to five. One or the other "side" would have needed 6 votes to carry the motion or dismiss the motion. I do not know how to proceed at this point. Since it was a ballot, the president voted, so the option of having the president break the tie does not exist. So the question....... does the tie invalidate the motion all together, or must we vote until we have a majority? Your wise adv
  5. Our organization is preparing to remove from office a member of our board of directors. We have met and the required quorum was present. The statement proposed needed rewording which we now have. Is it legal to approve that statement via email ballot?. If it is approved, a letter will go to the person concerned. Objections have been raised that a lawyer could request the ballots. In addition, the Secretary to whom the ballots would be sent would know from whom each email comes. I cannot find a proper reference in the 11th edition. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. It has been pointed out to our president/chair recently that monthly reports by the treasurer are filed (as opposed to accepted). Unaware of the fact, the last two reports were "not accepted" because a member of our board was unhappy with their format. How is this to be corrected? Do the minutes of the next meeting contain a statement that the reports for the past two months were filed? Or....... do we need to go back and correct the last two statements, one at a time? Thank you for any help which you can offer.
  7. I have a two-part question: 1.) The treasurer's monthly reports are FILED - Not ACCEPTED. A member of our board is unhappy with our treasurer's monthly reports and wants considerably more detail . What is the process? Does he or she simply raise objections at a regular meeting and ask the treasurer to provide more complete information? 2.) A treasurer resigns mid-term. To whom does that person turn over records? To the President? Thank you in advance.
  8. For some reason I cannot find a reference to the president or chair being unable to opine during a discussion. Is that in fact true, and if so, I shall greatly appreciate a reference. Thank you.
  9. I can find nothing in Robert's Rules or in our own bylaws on this matter. We want to bring a new member onto our board for the express purpose of serving as Treasurer. This person wants a very modest monthly salary. Is this allowable? We are a non-profit organization with a membership of c. 400 people and a board of directors of c 15 members.. Many thanks for any help.
  10. A dispute has arisen in our organization about the allowability of moving funds within budgeted categories (not between budgets for separate committees, but within one committee. Let's say that such-and-such event wound up costing less than the $1000 allocated. Can the excess funds automatically be used for another event by the Treasurer? Or if an event goes over the proposed budget, can the excess by removed from an event already budgeted for the future? The idea is that at the end of the fiscal year a given committee's budget shall not have exceed its original budget. I can find nothing
  11. Thank you, Hieu. Can you direct me to an exact quote, i.e. in the 11th Edition? Thank you.
  12. Our Board of Directors has 20 members from all around the state. We are going to vote on some changes in the existing bylaws. If a director cannot attend and sends someone in his / her place, does that person have the right to cast a vote as per Robert's Rules? Our bylaws state that a majority of those eligible to must be present to form a quorum and to vote, so we need 11 in this case.
  13. Our bylaws do not address this issue, and I wonder what the normal practice might be. Our (smallish) organization wants to form a pro tem or ad hoc committee to investigate something (specifically our organization's technological needs). Any such committee might consist of people who are not members of our organization. Is this proper?
  14. In our organization we cast ballots when voting for new members to join the Board. Almost always the vote is unanimous. [Our Board consists of 15-18 members at any one time.] The candidate is asked to leave the room when balloting begins. The teller (our Recording Secretary) announces the results when the ballots have been counted. Sometimes the candidate remains, or it the vote is the last item on the agenda, he or she goes home. If the candidate is still in the building, that person is invited back into the meeting room and congratulated. Otherwise a telephone call is made to inform the can
  15. Our Bylaws state that the President shall present the annual budget on a specific date each year. If says nothing about the process to compile a budget for the various committees. Our Standing rules do spell out the process quite clearly: the President and Treasurer meet with the Chair (or V-P) of each committee to put together a budget. The budgets for each committee are then presented to our Board by the President at a monthly Board meeting (the beginning of the fiscal year). Our President has simply forged ahead and compiled an overall budget with little or no consultation, particularly w
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