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  1. Can anyone provide the section reference for for this rule on voting?
  2. Thank you - can you provide the RONR section and/or page reference?
  3. My organization started its meeting with a quorum, but about halfway through, lost the number of members required to be in attendance in order to make a quorum. I have a couple of questions: Can the meeting continue to meet and go on with the agenda? How does this affect how minutes are recorded?
  4. Background: members of an NFP volunteer organization held a meeting. During that meeeting, a member inquired whether a letter, to be sent by the CEO - who was out of state and not at the meeting - had been sent (the letter had been approved at a previous meeting). The president said she would ask the chief and get back to the membership. The next evening, various members (including the CEO and a number of senior leadership who did attend the previous nights meeting) attending a training workshop. Afterwards, the CEO and four of the leadership discussed at length, the issue of the letter, and how to “handle” this task not being completed, despite the membership authorizing the CEO to complete it. Question: is there such a thing as an “illegal meeting”, and if so, where is the line between discussion and illegals meeting and did these folks cross it by conducting business without knowledge of the whole?
  5. My organization' executive board scheduled a meeting, but we did not have a quorum. We did not call the meeting to order, but did have some informal discussions and catch up from the previous meeting. a) is this legal to do; and b) how do i generate a set of minutes?
  6. We have a by-law regarding how often and the manner by which by-law can be amended. Below is the by-law; we've had an issue where a member of our organization did not submit his proposed language in writing, and now that its weeks later, he is saying that he presented his proposal to the membership from something he wrote up, which meets the letter of the bylaw. I disagree. My read is that a member must present proposed amendments in writing, to the membership. (funny thing is - there were four members who presented proposed amendments; three of the four all had a copy to give to the president; he was the only one who didn't. Any clarification is appreciated. "These By-Laws may be amended two times a year, in June and the December meeting, by two-thirds vote of the active emergency members present and voting, under the following provisions: that the proposed amendment has been presented in writing two months prior and notice has been sent by mail or electronic mail to each active emergency member that such action will be taken, and that the change is posted on the Department web site at least ten days prior to the meeting."
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