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  1. Skank was his character's name. His real name is Theodore Hume.
  2. I like the idea if for no other reason than to avoid the same issue with General Discussion in that that forum is flooded with the same dozen or so drive-by questions.
  3. Just tried it (Wednesday morning). Still won't work.
  4. Made it 175x175 just in case there was a 10kB limit on size. Still no go and nothing to say why.
  5. I'm trying to load up a profile picture. It is 200px x 200px, 10.8kB and in jpg format. The CP won't upload it but it doesn't give me an error.
  6. Wouldn't it be a Point of Order and not a motion if the board is not following a bylaw? And then if not well-taken then an Appeal can be made?
  7. Just to clarify, in your organiztion a quorum is 5 out of 7 (more than a majority) and 4 people were in the room. Then I think your analysis is correct.
  8. I got the impression that the 4 out of 7 included the member on the phone. Since he wasn't permitted to do that, was there even a quorum?
  9. Let's say the point of order on the quorum is appealed and the assembly votes that there is a quorum and later it is shown that there was not a quorum (through sign in sheets and not knowing the right number of members or something like that). Are the actions taken during the inquorate meeting invalid?
  10. Think of it this way, can any member be excluded from attendence or voting at the Executive Session? If not, then how can you exclude the accused if he is still a member until tried and convicted?
  11. So Tim, what I don't understand is how the "or" would keep them in office after the term. "Or" signifies only one of the two conditions needs to be met and so if I meet the condition of serving my two years, how can you keep me in office? If it were "and" then both conditions must be met as in serving my two years and having a successor elected.
  12. That's what I meant. You phrased my question better than I did. I was thinking of addressing Points of Order, recognizing people, etc.
  13. Then what is the difference between using "or" and "and" when describing the election of a successor?
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