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  1. What is the process to stop automatic emails to my inbox?
  2. What would be the complement of an Election Committee? Should the members be approved by a majority vote of members at a month-end Meeting prior to an election?
  3. The President and Vice President did not attend a BOD meeting. Are they therefore deemed absent or vacant from the meeting? 1.Who presides over the BOD meeting when the President and Vice President did not attend? 2. Does the bylaw authority of the President dissolve to the presiding person when the bylaw states all appointments to committees are made by the President?
  4. Hi Mr. Brown Answer to questions. 1. No 2. No 3. There was 5 members nominated for 3 BOD positions of BOD members whose terms were up. BOD members run for three year terms.The VP being and officer position has to run for election annually.
  5. A BOD member was elected for a 3 year term on the BOD. The BOD member attempted to be elected as Vice President in the annual elections of officers and directors, they lost the election for VP. May she/he now return to the BOD to finish the last two years as a BOD member or has his/her right been forfeited?
  6. Is there a process for the President of an Association to step-down from the Office?
  7. Hi JD Stackpole Please share with me what Line 18ff refer to? The ff part has me stumped. Thank you.
  8. Which is most widely done; to write a Process into the Bylaws as an Article and upon the request of a dues paying member(s) to amend or revise the bylaws, the President appoint a Special (ad Hoc) Bylaw Committee, or to have an Article for a Bylaw Standing Committee?
  9. Thank you folks. Additional detail. We are named in the superior document; the Articles of Organization as The XYZ Home Owners Association. The intent has always; until recently, been the home owner, the actual purchaser of the home CAN BE a member of the Association. We are a community of 400 Manufactured Homes secured to a pad ON A land site. To purchase a home on a pad you have to submit an Application of Tenancy which enables the park owner the opportunity to be sure you have the financial means to purchase the home that populates the rental site the "pad". and you are of appropriate age and character to live within the home you have purchased. Further on in a sentence within one of the paragraphs the "superior document"; the purchaser of the home fastened to the pad and site is referred to as a resident. Some BOD members have recently interpreted the word resident in its simplest dictionary definition as "someone who lives in a place". Therefore; formatting a conclusion that if an original homeowner who still owns; but is not living in the home, sub-leases their home to a renter the renter qualifies as a home owner and thus has the right to join the home owners association. In one case the owner of the park owns a home and has a tenant living within the home the park owners own. The irrelevant motion referred to is the motion; anyone living within any sub-leased home will be eligible to become a member of the home owners association. For 26 years the interpretation is; only the approved purchaser(s) of the home and signers of the lease for the rental of the land site the home is fastened to "the owner" qualifies to become a member of the home owners association.
  10. Thank you folks. I am entering more detail. The motion was made suggesting one word in a multi-page document with 26 years of interpretation and precedence is being interpreted erroneously. The document is the Articles of Organization for the HOA.
  11. What are the circumstances when a motion by a BOD member will not be accepted by the Chairperson?
  12. May the Vice President make appointments or appointment withdrawals if the President is absent from a Board of Director meeting? May a change be made to the bylaws to restrict the above action?.
  13. If a quorum is not needed is there any other requirements needed to make a nomination from the floor and must the nominee state they accept the nomination?
  14. The Board of Directors unfortunately has little knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order even though it is called out in the bylaws as the parliamentary authority for the association. They have become an autocratic click and want everything including the Committee of the Membership report to be given to them before the membership. Just to determine what content makes it to the membership. They have requested information as to where they may confirm that a committee of the membership has to be read to the membership and not to the BOD first. The BOD members are at the scheduled monthly meetings where the report will be given anyway.
  15. What page and lines are the two types of committee explained? Where also is the committee reporting process defined?
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