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  1. What is the process to stop automatic emails to my inbox?
  2. Does a sitting member of the BOD need to resign their BOD position to be nominated and run for President of an organization?
  3. Does RONR 11th Edition speak to the above Topic Title? Please specify the location in the 11th Edition. Thank you. One of our Secretary responsibilities in te Bylaws states she is to give a copy of the Meeting Minutes to a Member upon written request.
  4. Should the revision be presented by the Chairman of the bylaw committee or the President? Is it ever appropriate for the President to assign a member of the Board of Directors the task?
  5. We have a Board of Directors who have appointed themselves as the Bylaw Committee. They are now in the process of amending or possibly revising interpreted as (many amendment changes including changing order of aricles or moving content between articles). None of the Board of Directors have read the RONR and the changes upon glance are not being proposed to benefit the membership, but to strenghten the Boards control over the membership. If the Bylaw Committee (the Board of Directors); in this case, site RONR as one of the changes to the current bylaws and than do not follow RONR when articles are proposed for revision and then proceed to recommend them to the membership; what recourse would the membership have if they know less about RONR than the limited knowledege of the Board as described. Please do not just state change the Board at the next election as a solution, go into more depth please.
  6. If one decided not to run for president for an other term and a new president is elected and the latest adopted bylaws by the membership states the immediate past president is a member of the board and you because of health and personal reasons wish not to be a board member would one resign as a board member title only; or should the resignation state past president board member or some other wording? Which is the more accepted way to word the resignation?
  7. To go to an extreme; than the entire Bylaw Committee membership can all be members of the board or officers; approve of their own recommendations and submit them to the membership at a meeting! Amendment or revision. Correct. Even when the Board changes are to remove powers from the membership to the point the membership is subordinate to the board rather than the Board being subordinate to the membership. Thank you for your response.
  8. TWO Separate QUESTIONS: Is there a Section and page(s)in RONR 10th Edition that supports the notion Board Members and Officers of an Association may or may not be members of the bylaw committee? What is the responsibilities and authority of an officer or board member when the amendment or revision of the bylaws are being reviewed for potential change? Thank you for your response and knowledge on this subject.
  9. Thank you Gary. You are extremely Knowlegeable. Would you be familiar with the process of making a change to the superior document Articles of Incorporation. Does it typically involve a leagal person, an Attorney in the specialty of Incorporation to oversee the process?
  10. We presently have bylaws that state officers and Board of Directors. The president in waiting and other members of the Board of Directors are attempting to change the title of Board of Directors to Executive Board. What is the difference of responsibility and authority? The articles of Incorporation and our State requirement of filing an Annual Report read Board of Directors not Executive Board. Please comment.
  11. Are the Charter/Articles of Incorporation the rules;The Bylaws,or the Parlimentary Authority designated or the Standing Rules. What specifically does suspend the Rukes refer to?
  12. Is there any circumstance when the BOD would determine how they would proceed to run the association?
  13. No member will accept the position of President. No write-ins. No nominee from the floor.Out-going President no longer want's the position. WHAT TO DO?
  14. Questions: Can this Amendment to the Bylaws ever be considered? If the office of President and Vice President are vacant, the duties of the President revert to the Board of Directors. The Board may elect to appoint someone to the position or may elect to take over the duties of the President of the association.The Board would determine how they would proceed to run the association. It appears that the members would be subordinate to the BOD, instead of the BOD subordinate the the membership. How should this amendment be written, if indeed no member wanted to be nominated therefore not elected to the positions mentioned?
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