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  1. This may be a molehill trying to become a mountain. If the Treasurer of an organization is absent from one or both of the semiannual physical meetings of the Board, but has prepared a written report, is there a proper method to present the report to the Board at the meeting? Can copies of the written document simply be distributed and some member in attendance (the President, perhaps, or someone else?) introduce the report?
  2. Thank you for your reply. Please forgive my lack of clarity. The chair of the committee thinks this subject should be raised as new business. I am questioning that it would not be part of the committee's report instead. Since the chair will be reporting on the other activity of the committee. It made sense to me that she would also report on the work of the subcommittee at that time instead of raising it later as new business.
  3. A committee of our organization has a subcommittee that was begun since the last board meeting. The subcommittee has since done some work on a proposal that ultimately could be recommended by the committee for the board to approve. At the next board meeting, where is the status of the subcommittee's work reported? In conjunction with the committee report or as new business?
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