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  1. I think I found it on page 570 "Some principles of Interpretation"
  2. Would it be too difficult to request what page this information is found using the 10th Edition of RONR? So there is no opinion about this ssue that anyone can offer? I realize that we need to act based on our society's experience but had hoped for some general advice/opinions based on the given scenario.
  3. Hello! An issue of the authority of Trustees to act without specific membership approval on a matter has arisen and there is a difference of interpretation among our organization so I am requesting your opinions to see if this authority has been overstepped or not. In our organization our constitution/bylaws state that our Trustees are "the officers of the legal entity incorporated under the laws of" our state. It further states that "the trustees shall be the governing officers of said corporation, which shall execute all deeds, debentures, mortgages, liens, transfers, leases and othe legal
  4. Our bylaws state that the Leadership Council shall serve various purposes but one of them is to prepare the annual calendar of events and present it annually for a vote. The chairman of the Council is the Executive Director of our organization. In the years he has served as Ex. Dir. a Council meeting has not been called and therefore it has not served any of its stated purposes nor has the calendar been presented. What recourse do members of the council or organization have to insist on the Ex. Dir. calling the Council to meet and conduct its duties?
  5. Thank you for your responses. I don't think so. Due to recent changes to the manual covering committee procedures, it seems that the election of a Nominating Committee will be delayed until after these other committees must meet to conduct business. In our group the NC serves year round. The changes have caused the current NC to end its term without having a new one elected to replace it. That's why I thought the term "vacant" would apply. Could you give the Robert's Rule numbers for these so I can look them up? Concerning the Chairman Pro Tempore: what constitutes previous notice? Than
  6. Several committees in our organization have had members elected to serve within but a chairman was not designated for them. Our structure calls for the chairman of each committee to be designated by a Nominating Committee (NC). The NC has currently run out of service (is it correct to say it is "vacant"?) and no other provision is stated to permit the naming of a chairman. Minus the chair or any specific officers how does a committee call itself into meeting? Can it meet and conduct business?
  7. Thank you. I realize that there is interpretation in considering this situation. I was just looking to see if my logic could be construed as plausible.
  8. Hello! My question is to whether the appointing rather than the election of a committee is allowed in my organization and, if such an action is presented to the membership , would it be considered out of order. I did some research with our organization's documents but would like your opinion. The constitution/bylaws of the organization states the following: "the government of this organization shall be vested in the group of people who compose its membership." "unless otherwise stipulated in these bylaws, all officers shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected annually.
  9. I agree with you that the mistakes were ocurring one on top of the other. Hopefully I've learned enough to avoid doing that mess again. Thanks again for making this understandable. I am also armed with the "Right Book" and your references are most helpful!
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