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  1. Ours is a not for profit organization. We have two categories of membership. We want to introduce a renewal fee for our membership. How do we do ? A simple resolution of Board is okay or do need to amend the bylaws with approval of the General body. Please suggest. Thanks in advance
  2. My sincere thanks to Josh Martin and Daniel H. Honemann for your valuable answers Jay
  3. In our not for profit organization we have the following rule: " The President‐elect with the approval of the incoming Board shall appoint the various Committee Chairpersons before December 31 of the year." The new committee chairs take charge from Jan 1 of the following year. We are total 16 trustees in the board. I wonder if we want to remove one of the chairs from the respective committee what is the procedure and how many votes we need. Thanks in advance Jay
  4. Yes I am under the impression any motion or resolution contra to the existing bylaws is null and void. In this case I wonder board can rescind its own resolution rather General body right?
  5. Board can call for a special General Body with a majority vote. We have two categories of members Regular and Patron based on how much they paid. To call for a special General Body we have to collect 10% signature of members in both categories separately. It is a lengthy process. I wonder can't we apply the rule that any resolution in contra to bylaws or state laws are void by itself and no need to rescind or change the motion?
  6. Thank to everyone for your valuable input Jay
  7. I I was in the meeting and voted against the resolution. The above sentence has no meaning. But I checked the minutes there is no omission of any words. If the building committee chair starts collecting donations and the General body does not approve what is the soluiton ? if the resolution is only a recommendation to the General body they did not present it in the general body. In the general body president said they authorised the chair to raise the funds.
  8. We have the following rule in our not for profit religious organization’s constitution and bylaws “All new capital projects with a projected total completion cost (not just projected costs of a given phase of the project) of $250,000 and above shall be approved by the General Body. The capital project(s) shall not be sub‐grouped into compartments of less than $250,000/‐ merely to circumvent the approval of the General Body. All Capital Projects with projected total completion costs of less than $250,000/‐ shall be included in the annual budget”. Bur in the month of July 2018 our board of trustees in their monthly meeting passed the following resolution “to approve the proposed Vidyalaya Building project at a cost of 5 Million dollars with condition that entire amount to be raised prior to start of the project. An approval from General Body satisfying HTGC Constitution.” The above resolution is in contra to our bylaws, the board has no authority to approve any projects which costs more than $ 250,000.00. Only General body can approve such projects. When I brought this to our president’s notice in our semi-annual General body meeting, he stated the resolution stands as it is and they do not rescind the board’s resolution. Please advise us how to proceed to correct this issue. Thanks in advance. Jay
  9. My friend raised a doubt. If total membership of board which is 16 present, and no notice was served how many votes we need? Is it 9 which is simple majority of total membership or 11 which is two thirds of present. Thanks
  10. Thanks. Now I got the complete picture as our clause says" or until " the "formal disciplinary proceedings" does not apply. Thanks to everyone Jay
  11. Thanks Gary. I want to make sure then we do not need the following procedure. Please also confirm as soon as we pass the resolution the present president will be ceased to continue as president. Some of the lines from http://www.robertsrules.com/faq.html#20 " then the group must use formal disciplinary proceedings, which involve the appointment of an investigating committee, preferral of charges, and the conduct of a formal trial. The procedure is complex and should be undertaken only after a careful review of Chapter XX of RONR."
  12. Our not for profit organization consists 16 Board of directors. Each year we elect 6 Officers and the exact wording to elect officers is ." Each officer shall hold office for a term of ONE (1) calendar year, or until a successor shall have been duly elected." as per our bylaws the simple majority is enough to elect the officers. We elected all the officers with one resolution in the beginning of the year. Now we want to remove only president. We have majority votes to remove. Is it enough once we pass the resolution to change to rescind the previously passed resolution ? Thanks in advance Jay
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