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  1. Board is divded and just curious to know what is the next step if they donot accept. Thanks Josh.
  2. Thanks Atul. Yes our board is empowered to accept resignatons and fill the vacancies
  3. . Thanks for your respone . Yes If any vacancy occurs the board can fill with te simple majority for the left over term of resigned trustee
  4. Sorry typo our bylaws does not say
  5. In our 16 members of baord of trustess 6 trustees resigned. Our bylaws does say anything about resignations how to accept or not. My questions is if the board is not accpeting the resignations what will happen? Do they continue? if so how long? Thanks in advance
  6. Ours is a not for profit organization. We have 16 memebrs in our board. I wonder how many minutes each member can talk on each item and who decides the total duration of the meeting? would you please share the relevent pages in RR on this subject. Thanks In advance
  7. Jayadev


    Thanks Josh, Also is it wrong to ask the secretary to add an agenda item 7days in advance? He is making an issue about it asking in advance
  8. Ours is a not for profit organization. Our board contains 16 trustees. There is nothing mentioned in our bylaws about when do one can add an agenda item for the monthly board meetings. I wonder what is the general rule or procedure for adding an agenda item and how many days in advance we can do that. Thanks in advance
  9. I wonder what is the status of restricted funds once the project is completed ? are they still restricted even after the project is completed? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you. The motion was to ammend the articles of our constitution. The proposed amendments were circulated 21 days prior to the meeting. But some members wanted to discuss beforte voting took place. President ruled voting will start and also discussion as well. While members were discussing for and against the amendments the ballot took place . some members objected for starting voting evenbefore the discussions were completed. Is president wrong to start the voting?
  11. is it right for a president to srart voting on motion as soon as it was proposed and seconded without allowing a discussion?
  12. I wonder whether a President of a not for profit orgnaization can attend any committee meetings of the same organization? at least with out a voting right? Thanks Jay
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