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  1. Jayadev


    Thanks Josh, Also is it wrong to ask the secretary to add an agenda item 7days in advance? He is making an issue about it asking in advance
  2. Ours is a not for profit organization. Our board contains 16 trustees. There is nothing mentioned in our bylaws about when do one can add an agenda item for the monthly board meetings. I wonder what is the general rule or procedure for adding an agenda item and how many days in advance we can do that. Thanks in advance
  3. I wonder what is the status of restricted funds once the project is completed ? are they still restricted even after the project is completed? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you. The motion was to ammend the articles of our constitution. The proposed amendments were circulated 21 days prior to the meeting. But some members wanted to discuss beforte voting took place. President ruled voting will start and also discussion as well. While members were discussing for and against the amendments the ballot took place . some members objected for starting voting evenbefore the discussions were completed. Is president wrong to start the voting?
  5. is it right for a president to srart voting on motion as soon as it was proposed and seconded without allowing a discussion?
  6. I wonder whether a President of a not for profit orgnaization can attend any committee meetings of the same organization? at least with out a voting right? Thanks Jay
  7. My qeustion is can we move a court of law seeking a remedy for a filure following procedure laid down in Robert Rules? Thanks Jay
  8. Voting is for memebrs only who can attend the general body but not to any other persons . Name on the membership list with a proper id only allows a person to enter into polling area. After polling the Genereral body takes place and most of the time there was no quroum. Becasue majority of the members leave after voting not staying for Regular business of general body. It occuerd lot of times. No quorum and no genereal body but every year new trustees were elected. My question is were these trustees elected duely acording to constitution? Thanks Jay
  9. Does courts take into consideration the procedure laid down in the Robert Rules while ruling any order? Thanks Jay
  10. In our constitution of a not for profit organization one of the articles is : "An Annual Meeting of the HTGC General Body shall be held on the first Sunday of December of every calendar year, at the principal office of the corporation in Lemont, Illinois. Four new trustees shall be elected to serve for the following four (4) years at this meeting and the results of the elections shall be announced at this meeting." But the board of the trustees sent out an agenda stating the election of trustess in the morning 10 AM to 1 PM and regular general body meeting in the afternoon at 2 PM. Basically the elections are taking place even before the general body assembles and even without checking for a valid quroum? My question is it legal to conduct elections even before general body assmble where as constitution clear says elections shall be held in the generalbody? Thanks Jay
  11. Our board of trustees meet once in a month. Our Secretary of Board of trustees sent a resignation letter to the president yesterday copied to all trustees, our president was able to convince him to withdraw his resignation. He withdrew his resignation. Our president sent a note to all the trustess to that effect. I wonder do we board of trustees still need to meet and discuss this in the board meeting?
  12. In our board of trustees' meeting President said if any member wants to audio tape the proceddings they can do so. I wonder is it coreect? do not we need Majority of board approval for audio taping? Thanks
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