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  1. Ah, ok. Thanks for the pointer to page 176 - that helps a lot. and, no, we do not want to allow co-presidents, I am looking for justification to prevent it in our constitutent organizations. Thanks!!
  2. I have been doing some reading, and apparently RONR 10th edition prohibited co-presidents - I don't own a copy, so cannot verify that. I do own the new 11th edition, and I can find no such prohibition, so either I'm not looking in the right place, it was removed, or it never existed in the 10th edition either. Can anyone help me out here - is it prohibited by RONR? Thanks!!
  3. Great - can you tell the president? LOL..... I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
  4. We have set procedures in our bylaws for removal, but this a voluntary resignation over differences. Our Board meets 4 times per year, the next meeting will be in March. Our bylaws state that the resignation must be accepted by the Board. So, I guess this means he serves until then, but he does not want to...... not sure what to do?
  5. Thanks so much Josh, Chris and Rev Ed!! This helps me a lot!
  6. Hi all. An officer of our organization resigned today. He stated in his letter that it was effective 5 days in the future. The president is concerned that he future dated it, and will continue to have access to organizational resources in the interim. Does a resignation have to be immediate, or can it be future dated? Thanks.
  7. Hello all! I am a committee chair, and my committee, beside the regular members, has an adviser. Her role is not defined in policy, standing rules, or bylaws. According to Robert's Rules, is there any definition of her boundaries? Is she entitled to come to a committee meeting, vote, and participate in discussion? Or, as an adviser, is she someone that I can call on when I need assistance ,but should not be attending my meetings and voting and participating in discussions? Thanks for any guidance.
  8. Thanks for the RONR reference, it helps a lot. Sad to say, the fallout from this will get ugly, but nothing to do about that except continue on and learn from my mistakes. 8-( I do very much appreciate your help!
  9. Ok, so I stand corrected, and I thank you very much for helping me on this issue. I truly appreciate the help I get from everyone here!
  10. Ok, so then, someone told me that a Board cannot encumber a future Board, like with passing a budget or such. They thought they took that info from RONR. Is there nothing about encumbering a future Board? I'm just trying to understand. Thanks!
  11. LOL... not a man, and definitely not powerful. There are sections in the template that are marked as not amendable, mostly due to IRS and state regs, etc. We hold their charters which is why we have final say.
  12. Hi! This is the issue. What is going on is that I am in charge of approving the local bylaws on behalf of the parent organization. The template we provide says: "Delegates shall be elected in __________(month) by the board of directors." This sentence is in a portion of the bylaws template that the locals can amend. I am allowing them to change "board of directors" to general membership if they want the election before July 1. However, one local is adamant that they want their Board to elect in April, and I think that should not be allowed, because the new board, come July, might want other re
  13. I need some help with an issue around the election of delegates. The question is, that the officers are elected in April, but take office July 1. Therefore the new Board of Directors is set on July 1. The question is that one of our local organizations wants to elect their delegates in April, but have the Board elect them, not the general membership, who are the people that elect the officers in April. I have told them if the election is by the Board, it must be done after July 1. So, am I in error? Can the old Board, before they leave office, elect for the upcoming Board? Thanks for any help!
  14. Sigh. It went horribly sideways. Despite all my prep, I just do not have a devious enough mind to prepare for the kind of twisting maneuvering they do. I now sort of have a plan for the November meeting, and after that, I give up. Oh, and I was so glad I had my copy of RONR with me, because the entire night was one violation after another (the president and her followers are unbelievable - she let her good friend speak twice before others were able to speak once on a motion - but that is just the tip of the iceberg), but the one that I was able to fix was when a dude sitting near me started ta
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