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  1. I, too, am wondering why I could open something called Pages, but then found I do not have access to the mysterious Pages.
  2. I have always looked forward to reading the posts by Mr. Honemann, and for that reason I formed a habit of reading the message board almost every day. I have found the information he provided to be very useful. His postings have helped me grow in knowledge of parliamentary procedure and are a huge part of my "parliamentary education." So I'm relieved to know we can expect to continue to "put up" with him.
  3. A question that is "general" to experienced students of RONR is often "advanced" in the view of someone who doesn't know much about parliamentary procedure. Therefore, I don't think novices can be expected to know where to post questions. I've noticed, too, that sometimes a "general" question evolves into a very interesting discussion that can be considered "advanced." With moderators being able to move the discussions, I see no problem with the current system.
  4. I assume that anyone complaining about a low-tech forum is a high-tech participant. I'm, therefore, confident that the high-tech readers can figure out the icons.
  5. I often see "Create an Account" buttons on websites for discussions or for maintaining a membership profile. I think most "guests" will know how to deal with it.
  6. Well! George just couldn't keep quiet! Now Shmuel knows, too!
  7. And I think the SG of 2012 should publish the article.
  8. I tried to post as a guest yesterday -- and had no success in defeating the CAPTCHA. Rest assured, I was invoking at the end instead of the beginning!
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