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  1. If the member was the president, then the vice-president would take over. Otherwise, the bylaws would explain how the vacancy should be filled.
  2. Agreed! I always get the feeling that I would like to execute the "put the motion from one's seat on suspending the rules to replace the Chair" sometime.
  3. "They are eligible to be removed"? Is that a direct quotation? Who decides if they're going to be removed once eligible? The gardener? The FLOTUS? The King of Norway?
  4. No, you can't suspend the dang bylaws (short of amending them).
  5. While this is of course parliamentarily correct, I do doubt the chair will grant recognition. This could get hairy.
  6. I suspect you are at risk of finding that this member was never validly removed two years ago. What do your bylaws say about removal of board members?
  7. Possibly, but nothing in RONR applies that. If it is true for a body, it will be because of that body's bylaws.
  8. No there isn't. RONR is concerned primarily with things that happen in meetings. What people do in the restaurant, café, their own homes, or on the street is rarely covered by it.
  9. I was going to suggest that the membership could rescind the board's acceptance of the resignation, but then I thought better of it.
  10. And note also that nobody can be forced to resign (barring bylaw provisions to the contrary). Requested, strongly encouraged, politely entreated, sure. But not forced.
  11. What exactly are you (or whoever wants this point of privilege) trying to achieve? It's certain that there is a more appropriate way to handle this.
  12. The nominating committee's recommendations are just that — recommendations. At the election meeting, the report is read, and the chair opens nominations from the floor. People nominated in that way, or anyone at all, can be voted for.
  13. Sounds to me like you should be voting for each office individually. There is no single up/down vote for the entire group. I have long been a vociferous opponent of the term "slate", and I'm glad Mr. Tesser is reminded why.
  14. Your secretary's wrong. The only time "what was said" should be put in the minutes is in the case of an explicit vote of the assembly to do so. And the assembly shouldn't vote for that. Whether the minutes are published on a website or not makes not a whit of a difference.
  15. He does not have any of these, nor even the right to attend the meeting. You will have to wait for someone who has RONR 11th edition to get citations, however, because mine's not arrived yet.
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