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  1. Apparently there is a "bug fix" upgrade, and I am requesting we get upgraded again. I did pass on the frustrations everyone seems to be having and asking them just to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities. No more "improvements" please! (The reality is that we pretty much have to stay at current versions because older versions become unsupported). Hopefully the "bug fix" upgrade is just that. I am not sure it is going to fix the things you all are talking about. It seems to be more about performance issues.
  2. Shmuel, I just noticed that too when I tried to log into the admin section. It took me a while to realize I needed to use my screen name. It is very odd and I know a lot of people are having problems with this. I really can't imagine why they made some of the changes they made.
  3. If you had a different screen name from your login name, you may have noticed that you lost your screen name in the upgrade. You can get it back by going to your name in the right corner of the screen > Account Settings > then the Display Name tab. I don't know why we had to lose the names to begin with, but it is what it is.
  4. Wow, I did not realize that it was going to be such a huge change. It looks like some people lost their pictures. I think if you had a login name and a screen name, you lost your screen name, but it looks like you can get it back. Clearly the entire look and feel is different. Hopefully all the features are still there, but you may have to go on an easter egg hunt to find them.
  5. It looksl ike we have gotten behind in our version of the forum software. The software will be upgraded soon (they have not told me exactly when, but I believe it is coming very soon). I gather there will be some new features and changes to existing features. I hope they meet with everyone's approval! thanks, Olivia
  6. Jane, if you contact me at oliviamevans@yahoo.com I can see what I can do to help. If you tell me what email address and screen name you want to use, I can create the account for you.
  7. I think also if you log in from a different IP address, you may be logged out. That could be because you logged in from a different computer or you have a dynamic IP address that changes regularly.
  8. I can run that by the boss men and see what they think. It might save them time in moderating the forum.
  9. The forum tech support had indicated that there is a bug, but apparenly have not fixed it yet. I haven't gotten a response letting me know that it is fixed. I am afraid we don't have any control over the software bugs
  10. I did write to tech support and got the following reply "Hello, this is a current bug in a recent security patch, we should have a fix for this on Monday, we're sorry for the trouble." I'd recommend waiting until Tuesday or later to update your photo.
  11. Someone else told me off line that he was having a problem with the photo upload, but I thought it was an isolated issue. I'll open a ticket with tech support and see if it is a known bug.
  12. Just want to reassure everyone that the forum will withstand 100k messages/replies, and the site has incremental backups daily and full back ups weekly. So all of your wise words are saved for posterity! I can't promise it will all be here for your grandchildren's grandchildren, but your messages are secure.
  13. Were you clicking on the RONR Home link that takes you to http://www.robertsrules.com/? I was not aware of there being an issue with the site yesterday. It does work today. Or am I misunderstanding what page you were trying to get to?
  14. I will pass on your comments about some features that are not available in IE 11 to the forum tech support people. I assume next time they do an update to the software they will address it, but I do not know when that will occur.
  15. Richard, There is a field in the system for login name and display name. Many members have different display names and login names, which very often causes people confusion. Usually if I get an email from someone telling me they can't log in the first thing I do is check that they are using thier correct login id. Very often they are using their display name. So I wish there was only one field, but there are two. I believe that after you get through the registration process you can customize your account which will include the ability to add a display name. Display names (and login ids) ar
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