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  1. Gary, She taught high school science in Clayton, New York and retired. I'm a former elementary school teacher. I actually finished my rebuttal letter which is 4 pages long but something was missing from it but you helped me finish it. If nothing comes of this, I have the sanctification I tried my best. Thanks again, Yoko
  2. Gary, I just read your comment to my sister, high school teacher, who helps me edit my documents. She thought what you said was EXCELLENT and we both laughed. This helped a lot maybe more than you realize. You have a great sense of humor. Much appreciated, Yoko
  3. Gary, You understood what I was saying! I wondered if I was illiterate and English is my first language. I already filed my complaint with the Justice Department and needed to make sure I was on the right track in my rebuttal. Now I know how to answer back to the Justice Department. Thank you for explaining in simple terms and not technical terms. Much appreciated, Yoko
  4. Hi Joshua, The boarded never adopted/approved these items. The board claims they did approve these items of business from 2015-2018. They sent all the minutes from that time frame but never referenced the items that I claim did not get approved.
  5. Hi Josh, The items in question were never approved by the board at all. So there are no minutes to reflect that they were approved in the Open Board meetings. They sent me all the Open Board Meeting minutes from 2015-2018 and said they do hold meetings and minutes.
  6. Okada

    Open Forum

    Please, I hope I didn't give the impression of wanting legal advice. I just wanted information about Open Forum minutes according to Robert's Rules. This is the hierarchy of governing documents according to California Home Owners Associations (HOA's): Law (unless the particular statute defers to governing documents) CC&Rs Articles of Incorporation Bylaws Rules & Regulations (Robert's Rules followed at my HOA) Like I said some associations have Open Forum minutes and some even identify the person by name. Thank you all for your most informative information on my question. Patsy
  7. Okada

    Open Forum

    Hi Richard Brown, Many HOA associations include minutes for Open Forum and some don't. Roberts Rules is in our rules and regulations but laws supersede rules and regulations. Thank you so much for your help, very informative. Patsy
  8. Okada

    Open Forum

    Hi Josh Martin, You've helped me think this out. Laws supersede our HOA governing documents. Robert's Rules is in our rules and regulations but I believe laws supersedes Roberts Rules. Many of the HOA associations include Open Forum minutes but some don't. Thanks again for your help. Patsy
  9. Okada

    Open Forum

    Hi Richard Brown, California requires HOA's to have Open Forum in the Open Board Meetings: Open Forum is required by Civil Code §4925. That means Open Forum is a required proceeding during the Open Board Meeting. California Corp. Code 8320 requires minutes of proceedings. Does this make sense? I really appreciate your response and help. Patsy
  10. Okada

    Open Forum

    Hi Josh, I understand what you are saying but often times items of business are recorded even if no "action" has taken place. So only things that take action are recorded in the minutes? Thanks, for your response. Patsy
  11. Our HOA Open Board Meetings include Open Forum which is required by law. Does Robert's Rules state if minutes are required for Open Forum?
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