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  1. To use an example, if the vote, originally, was 6 in favor and one opposed, then it passed - as your narrative indicated. Then, in the subsequent meeting, when the one original voter changed some minds, presumably without prior notice of the motion, for that motion to pass (amend something previously adopted), it would have required a 2/3 vote (so a 4-3 vote in favor would NOT pass, for example) OR a majority vote of the entire membership. If the total membership was 7 (not just those present), then a 4-3 vote would pass. BUT if the membership was greater than 7, then 4 votes in favor is not a
  2. g40

    Term limits

    ... and make sure that the Bylaws provide that the President can make such an appointment.
  3. Since, unless YOUR bylaws specify otherwise, the VP becomes the President automatically when the President resigns, dies, etc., it might be a good idea to elect a Vice-President who will be able to fulfill that duty. Alternately, if you don't want to do that, you might consider having your bylaws state that the VP does not automatically become the President. Of course, those are your decisions since you best know the nature of your organization and its members.
  4. Perhaps, but I interpreted "nominate" (based on the whole context) to mean fill the position. Perhaps the OP can elaborate/clarify.
  5. Be careful with that. Under your scenario, suppose that 4 (of the 7) leave, resign, die, etc. If 4 is the required quorum, then you can not get a quorum to fill the vacancies.
  6. Your organization interprets its own bylaws, but there seems to be a rational basis for a quorum of 3 for a board with 5 members. It also seems that the board is not fulfilling its duties, of filling vacancies.
  7. No, decisions (motions approved) need to be in the minutes. Discussions are not normally recorded in the minutes. If a policy or other actions of the organization are issued or presented as being decided or authorized by the Board, then those should be in the minutes. If the actions of the organization are those, as properly authorized, of the staff or executives, then those would probably not be in the board minutes.
  8. Does the President have the authority to make these appointments unilaterally? If not, then perhaps such appointments can be challenged and, perhaps, rescinded. How is the President elected? By full membership, or by the over 100 member "board"? If the 2 year term is nearly up, then the most practical thing might be to support someone else for the job. If the Executive Committee supports the President and his actions, then it seems that the President is not acting in a completely unilateral manner. Perhaps as well, candidates for positions on the Executive Committee might be solicited to run a
  9. I assume you mean "Minutes" when you say Secretary's report. No, the chair calls for corrections to the Minutes, and when there are no more corrections, the Minutes are approve or approved as corrected.
  10. Yes, and this one and only vote would also meet a requirement for a 2/3 vote as well.
  11. OK, now I see that. I saw "2/3 of the whole association". If it actually requires 2/3 of the whole association, that's tough -- and a little unusual (it seems to me) that if you have a quorum, and if each and every member present votes for the bylaws amendment, the amendment would fail because there are not 2/3 of the whole membership present.
  12. I agree. To elaborate, is the taking office at the March meeting specified in your bylaws? If not, then they take office when elected. Also, if officers must be board members, then when an officer ceases to be a board member, that person is no longer an officer.
  13. So, the 2/3 for a quorum is in your bylaws? The OP says quorum is not mentioned?
  14. If there are a lot of inactive members, perhaps you could find a way to eliminate (as members) enough of those would would not show up, such that you could get a quorum.
  15. Almost none of us get all that we want
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