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  1. Thanks. This helps quite a bit. I did review the by-laws and he has no such power. I also appreciate the references to RONR.
  2. I am a Board member of a HOA. At our last meeting in early September, the Board approved a motion directing my committee to hire an attorney for the purpose of getting a legal interpretation regarding one of our covenants. At this point in time, the committee has three attorney's listed to contact - though no formal contact has taken place. Since the meeting, as the Chair I have received several emails from the Board president, who did not support the vote. The latest emails direct the committee to not pursue the board action any further based on his concerns regarding what repercussions such action may have (this may end up being an enforcement issue regarding how a property is being used). Furthermore, he stated this in an email update to the Board. While I am not an expert on Roberts Rules, it appears that he does not have the authority to do this and that the Committee needs to move forward as directed by the Board vote. It is my understanding that he can not ask for reconsideration of the vote because he was not on the prevailing side. Furthermore, it does not appear that the vote can be amended or rescinded. Our board will not be meeting again til the spring - and due to the nature of the Board, I believe a special meeting would be difficult to arrange. Can I have an opinion on whether or not he has the authority to essential reverse the action of the Board and if reconsideration, amending or rescinding the motion is an option? Thanks!
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