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  1. Newly appointed chairman of a standing committee is attempting to silence a minority (voting) member by unilaterally reducing the committee membership by one and then telling the member that services were no longer needed. Existing committee size and composition has been approved at previous committee meetings. What authority does the committee chairman have other than calling meetings, presiding over meetings and ruling on points or order? Also, is there anything in RONR regarding punishment of a member for opposing the majority?
  2. Corporation by laws give responsibility to manage a subordinate subcommittee to a standing committee. A motion to authorize the subordinate to execute one of its duties was introduced. A motion to lay on the table was approved (probably illegal because its purpose was to suppress the question). As a complicating factor, the subordinate has been performing this duty without approval from the standing committee. The motion to authorize was an attempt to enforce existing by laws. Two questions: 1) Does previous usage trump the by laws? 2) Can the lack of a vote be intrepreted as a lack of approval, therefore the subordinate does not have approval for this duty?
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