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  1. Good point - meant that there's no default way to replace VP with the treasurer then secretary, not that there's no default way to replace board members.
  2. Note - a simple majority is greater than 50%, not 51%. This can matter a great deal, depending on the size of your membership.
  3. You will have to check your bylaws to fill the vacancy on your board. As noted, by default the VP becomes the President upon the acceptance of the President's resignation - unless your bylaws specifically refer to another way of replacing the President. There is no default way of replacing the VP, so you'll have to check your bylaws for that information. It's possible that your bylaws have that VP, then Secretary, then Treasurer bit in them. I will note that if the VP doesn't wish to resign from being President, the VP should resign from being VP before the President's resignation is accepte
  4. How many council members are there in total? You said: "at least four members of the council are quite concerned over the direction our meetings have gone and our inability to have input on agenda items and subjects that need our attention" - you may get slightly different advice if this is definitely a majority of votes.
  5. Select bylaw committee members who support making changes to the bylaws.
  6. Under RONR, the moment that the president's resignation has been accepted, the VP would become the President if your bylaws don't give another method of filling a vacancy in the presidency. I'm not sure I understand your question - do your bylaws specify that the President appoints replacements to open board positions, but you wish a different method? I will note that it sounds as if the President's resignation has not been accepted, which would mean he's still president, and able to fill those positions (depending on your bylaws, of course).
  7. Announce a special meeting to revise the bylaws (depending on the process for amending bylaws in your bylaws), followed by something fun (alcohol? guest speaker? karaoke?), and beg people to come out for it. It could be worse - it's possible to get your quorum, just a bit difficult.
  8. Yes, but is there anything in your bylaws that relate to how directors could be removed? I also trust that the original issue (the VP with appointive ability, who apparently removed the committee chair from her position) was done according to your bylaws.
  9. We could certainly advise you on what RONR has to say about the procedure that was used - which would be quite negative - but as Josh Martin said, your own rules and law would supersede RONR. Check those first. I'll add to also check on points of order, and appealing the decision of the chair. And lastly, are the other councillors on your side?
  10. Just to clarify, you were told that you couldn't make a motion to place something on the agenda because it wasn't on the agenda?
  11. If you have vacancies on the board, these vacancies can be filled by the remaining members of the board. The general membership can't fill them, it seems, and it doesn't specify how people could be removed from the board mid-term. This is if the organization dissolves, not the board dissolves. It would not have any effect unless your membership votes to dissolve the entire organization - which seems a bit overkill. I'm not sure what you're talking about with the straw vote reference. If someone brings forward a motion at a general meeting, then it's a real vote. As to how the board can count
  12. If the proxy vote had actually affected the results of the vote, then it would have been truly egregious. As it is, it's a warning not to do this again in the future.
  13. Is the attendance log public? Is there a requirement that the attendance log be public? Does your location have any privacy laws that might apply, and take precedence over RONR? RONR does not speak to people removing themselves from public meetings because their safety is a concern. I do not believe that the forum moderators would permit any remarks that I would have on your comment that she should stay away from meetings attended by other women.
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