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  1. First, our Constitution does not mandate RONR. Second, our Constitution says that our Executive Board can go into Closed Session to consider and discuss topics of a "sensitive nature." However, the Board may not vote in Closed Session; all voting must take place in open session. So here is my question: If minutes are a record of what is done, not what is said, and since the Board can only "do" in open session, would there be any minutes at all of the Closed Session? I'm thinking that the regular minutes of the Board meeting would simply reflect that the Board went into Closed Session to dis
  2. Can the Executive Board of an organization adopt a resolution or policy to clarify an ambiguity in the group's Constitution? If so, does the resolution or policy need to be approved by the organization's general membership?
  3. Individual members have voting rights in elections. Individuals may attend national conferences and represent their chapters at general membership meetings. But an individual cannot go to a chapter to which he does not belong and demand to review that chapter's books. Should the financial relationship between a chapter and the national oranization be kept between them? That is, whether the national conference made money or lost money for the chapter, is that any other chapter's business?
  4. OK, individuals are members, and groups of member individuals may form a chapter and become a chapter of the national organization. The records belong to the national organization but were completed and submitted by the one chapter that put on the conference. The person who is asking for them is an individual member, a member of a chapter (but not of any of the chapters that put on the conferences), and a member of a national standing committee (but not on the Executive Board).
  5. Hmmm. Good point. However, my concern is whether we would be providing one chapter with another chapter's financial information (i.e., information on profit).
  6. Our nonprofit organization has chapters in many states. Sometimes a chapter will host a gathering open to all members and the organization will provide some start-up money. The chapter submits a financial statement following the event, and the organization is repaid the start-up money and also gets a share of the profits. A member has asked to view all of the financial statements submitted by chapters for the past several years. Are we required to share these records? If so, in what form?
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