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  1. There was no debate prior to each vote. A single motion was made to endorse for offices A,B,C,D and there was debate after that motion. The members when called (roll call vote) had to stand and vote on endorsement for all four offices at once (ie. y-n-n-y).
  2. The motion was to endorse for four different elected offices. This did not include the actual endorsement of candidates, only whether or not we were going to endorse for each office. Actually, a member approached the chair and asked if our rules allowed for dividing the question and the chair told him we did not need to do that because we were going to vote 4 times.
  3. Is it allowable under Roberts Rules to have four (4) votes under one motion - as an example, there was a motion to take action on A, B, C & D reuiring 4 y/n votes - ie. y,n,n,y.
  4. I have two questions: Does the parliamentaria of a society have the authority to respond to a point of order without being recognized by the Chair? Is there any recourse when in response to a point of order, the parliamentarian responds with inaccurate and incorrect information? Thank you
  5. Thank you - it was the syntax that had me confused. Thank you - it has been stricken!
  6. Our bylaws state that the chairman shall appoint members of committees. I am confused with how RONR explains the appointment to special committees. RONR p.171 ll. 31-35 “…the motion should specify the number of committee members, and the method of their selection, unless the method is prescribed by the bylaws; or, if desired, the motion can name the members of the special committee. RONR p. 492 ll. 13-20 “In an assembly or organization that has not prescribed in its bylaws or rules how the members of its committees shall be selected, the method can be decided by unanimous consent, or by
  7. Can a Chairman 'reconstitute' a previously existing ad hoc committee (bylaws committee)? Can a Chairman establish a Committee or only appoint members to committees established by the assembly? Under duties of the Chairman, our bylaws state that the Chairman shall "appoint the members of such other committees as are provided for by these Rules" and "the Chairman shall appoint such committees as may be deemed necessary and appropriate for the conduct of affairs" of the organization.
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